Meet the Voodoo Shop Dedicated to Retro Fashion/Kustom

Meet the Voodoo Shop Dedicated to Retro Fashion/Kustom
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The Vudu is a store dedicated to the retrothread. Founded in 2008, the brand creates products inspired by old school tattoos, rock ‘n roll and the most varied elements involving the vintage theme. As one of the brands that most supports projects aimed at culture fifties, the store is a partner of the Party Rocket, event in celebration of the launch of the Retro Universe.

The brand will make a drawing of R $80 on purchases between those who attend the Party on 14 August at the Rockerama Club. Dedicated to the years 50 and 60, the event has the bands Space Comets, Rock In Black and the Pumas, in addition to the DJ Juks Jive, of Tufts and Radio.

When the store has 7 years, find retro products was still very difficult in the market. Thinking on improving this scenario, combined with the chance that the issue was coming into vogue, entrepreneurs Davies and Elson Di Nardo have teamed up to produce garments with a footprint and vintage rock’n ‘ roll, and then began to customize pieces for their own use.

The friends liked it, began to order the product and indicate the Voodoo. Realizing that the public also felt the need for this niche-oriented stores, the partners decided to invest in the business and are in the industry to this day.

For anyone who believes that it’s hard to find products in this style, the Voodoo produces clothes not only for women, but also men, accessories and decorative items. Meet some of the products below:

FASHION -the collection consists of several models of skirts, pants, shorts and tops, all for retro aesthetic, especially for those who like the pin-up style.

MEN’S FASHION – the brand invests in classic shirts like bowling and western, as well as t-shirts and tank tops with prints on kustom kulture, music, tattoo and Mexican culture, as well as accessories such as truckers and Beanies.

ACCESSORIES -accessories targeted mainly for the female audience are composed of hair and bandana headbands, ideal for girls who want to do a vintage hairstyle to complement the visual pin-up, beyond retro handbags that are also sold at the store.

VARIETIES -varieties you can find a lot of home decor objects, mostly paintings and posters with the various retro themes, in addition to special decorations for walls, like the famous sirens of the brand that has won several consumers.

To purchase any product in the store, just enter the brand’s website or go on Party Rocket day 14 August at the Rockerama Club. There will be a drawing in place of R $80 on purchases to acquire any product in the store. Who knows you’re not the lucky guy, isn’t it?