Mimolet Skirts: How to Wear, Photos

Mimolet Skirts: How to Wear, Photos
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The skirts and mimolet dresses are on the rise and promise to be one of the sensations of spring and summer. The name (pronounced “mimolê”) refers to the length of the pieces and not to the style, as many think. The mimolet skirts, although many people confuse them with midi skirts, are characterized by their length in the calves. The midi, on the other hand, lie at the knees. Either way, the two models greatly favor the femininity and the discretion of the wearer. Mimolet dresses and skirts are part of the retro pieces that have invaded fashion lately. In both cases, the clothes may be tighter or warmer. The spinning pieces are very reminiscent of the clothes worn by the women of the 1950s.

Although many women still feel insecure about how to wear them, the mimolet skirts do not hide many mysteries. With some simple tips, you can achieve an extremely elegant and feminine look for any occasion. For this, it is enough to observe the volume of the mimolet skirt, the blouses used with her and the type of the woman’s body.

Mimolet Skirts, Tight Or Round

The round mimolet skirt style is what most reflects the retro fashion. They have the power to cause the impression of thinning of the waist and increase of the hip. However, when choosing the top of the look, the woman should be aware of the width of the blouse. The ideal is to opt for fairer, monochromatic (ie one-color) models to balance the volume of the skirt and sharpen the bust, resulting in a more elegant look. Otherwise, the body will appear much larger, aging the appearance, since these skirts have a more “lady” style. If the woman is overweight and wants to disguise the extra pounds, she should prefer dark mimolet skirts or small prints on a dark background. This will prevent an increase in hip volume.

The fair mimolet skirts, on the other hand, are best suited for lean women with no bulky hip. If you are overweight, it is best for the woman to balance with a wider sweater, in moving fabric.

Ideal Shoes For Mimolet Skirts

The ideal shoes for mimolet skirtsare those lighter and feminine. Depending on the occasion, strappy sandals, peep toes, anabela jump, unkle boots and scarpins look great with these pieces. What you should do is avoid heavy footwear as they will be very noticeable due to the length of the skirt and will make the feet appear larger, resulting in something ungainly. Just choose models of delicate and fine lines. Another tip concerns the woman’s height. If it is too high, you can opt for the lower shoes. If, on the other hand, you have short stature, you should bet on the heels, as a way to lengthen the silhouette. For women with thin legs, the tip is to choose delicate and discreet shoes that do not leave your feet very marked. Those who have very thick legs should avoid sandals with straps that tie in the shins.

The skirts in mimolet length, as well as delicate, feminine and elegant, also provide much comfort to women. Extremely discreet (if used correctly), the most diverse movements can be made without the need to worry about certain exposed parts, as with too short or too tight skirts.