Moynat is Back

Moynat is Back
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It’s time to finally write something about interest. I’ve been wanting to do that for half a year, but I’ve never come to this. But now:

Interest, this name should be memorized. After a long slumber of sleep, the company is back in fashion and has already convinced the first fashionistas. Interest is the oldest Malletier, the suitcase manufacturer in France. Older than Louis Vuitton.
The company 1849 was founded by the craftsmen Octavie and François Coulembier, who collaborated with the trader Pauline interest and opened a boutique near the Paris Opera. According to vintagewill, Louis Vuitton made a name for himself through his waxed and wassabweisenden vintage handbags, so interest put on the automobile since the beginning.
Very quickly the most exclusive pieces were considered luxury, novelties were regularly presented at world exhibitions and interest was internationally known. Above all, the company scored through its innovations, which are so numerous that they would break the frame of the post here.
The company remained until 1976 in the hands of the Coulembier family. And then it went commercially round: Vuitton took over, gave interest off to LVMH, then parts fell into the hands of AXA Insurance. All this was not for the benefit of the company, over which no one spoke more until 2010 a Luxembourg investment fund sold it to Groupe Arnault. This is the privathol extension of Bernard Arnault. An ex-LVMH leads the company today, an ex-Hermès makes the creation. And you can see that.
Interest is still specialized in exclusive production, but also has some pretty nice collection items in stock. After a good 35 years of trials and Tribulations, 2011 was opened on Rue St. Honoré, the first and so far only shop. A real gem.
Let’s get to the typical interest pattern we should remember:
This is the model that likes to be bought by fashionistas. Men we women, but preferred men have a sense of the patterns of interest.
So a clear label to remember. And please look at the site, which is so nicely done. First of all you have to press the button Paris, the photographing are really artistic valuable.