Music and Decor

Music and Decor
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If the architecture is “petrified music”, as Goethe, writer and philosopher, a lot of people take the phrase literally. So in love with sound, turn his own home Studio. The piano enters, leaves the Chair. Comes the drums, eliminates the couch. And, many times, the decor is hostage of the hobby. If you fit the profile and want to ride the your private lounge, without losing the warmth, inspired by these proposals.

Part Of The Show

Indeed, friends and guests of businessman William always surprised with the electronic beat or by the play of light in your apartment, in São Paulo. Almost all panned out of the country, the electronics not interfered in the comfort of the occupant. In fact, William learned to reconcile very well the size and position of the furniture with the pick-up, the 50 inch LCD projection and huge speakers placed in the dining room, which add up to 900 watts power.

Hence the question: the neighbors think? William swears she never received complaints from condo and always take care not to DJing at night. Otherwise, parties are released for your select audience of friends, and ensure a climate with the leds illuminating the area of 45 m ².

Blue, green, pink, purple … The lights of leds change as the music: the equipment is sensitive to vibration and changes the composition of colors as the beat. The table won box truss type aluminum structure – such as those used in stage shows – designed by the resident.

Mobile: Breton Current Home Center; dining room chairs: Tok & Stok; led panels and lamp on the table: the Moodlight, imported from the USA by the owner.

Teenage Dream

Is to enter the 17-year-old boy’s bedroom and the eyes automatically go to the mezzanine. That’s where lives the drums, an instrument as far as different to a home.

And he confirms: the power is tested until the last volume. “There are also guitars, the bass and the amp, in specially designed niches”, says the architect Christine Massey, who signs the work in partnership with Patricia Bianco and Jessica Bonin. “Overall, we did a cheerful décor and relaxed without falling into childish,” says Christine. Even the stickers on the wall, under the same theme, are neutral and discreet according to Sportsqna.

The mezzanine floor and stainless steel gained laminated glass, consisting of 4 mm 5 blades each, enough to withstand the vibrations from drums.

Project: Roseana Desenso Mathew, Patricia Bianco and Jessica Bonin;woodworking: Zafar and Kelly; adhesives: ACM Visual identification; carpets and blinds: Inovatis; Egg chairs and Charles Eames: New File; mezzanine: Artinox; quilts and pillows: Fatti Lutti; lighting: Hansa.

A Chair, A Guitar

Voice calm and decode sound on guitar, plucked from the designer’s apartment Thais Marquez. Her husband, Flávio Lima, is an architect and musician. Have guitar, guitar, microphone and laptop to work his songs.Everything in the room. But what could be a mess just generating a distribution stripped, worthy of appreciators of art, design, music and good taste.

Thais say the informality came through a peculiar mix. “Married vintage references and Brazilian handicrafts with more modern parts. It’s really a decoration on the side, “says her, turn-and-shake, brings new pieces to liven up the place. Flávio, by the way, loves. “Everything here reflects a bit of our history, of our origins,” says Martinez.

Pieces brought from Brazil travel and gifts from friends have place in the niche of the wall lit by leds by Osram. On the couch, varied prints provide visual movement. The retro mobile exposes favorite CDs.