My 12 July 2016 Arrows July 2016

My 12 July 2016 Arrows July 2016
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You know what? Julio ends. And you know what else? I’ve noticed that I see so many beautiful things every day, I discover many new features in the dozens (hundreds) of press releases and newsletters that reach my hands every week, in catalogs of online stores I visit often in emails receipt here and there, from my readings and walks around the world have thought that a monthly summary to share 12 are not a bad idea. Here are my 12 arrows (objects of desire, coups de coeur, whims, discoveries or call it X) of this July 2016 · I’ve Decided to share with you 12 Things That I’ve seen and I’ve loved in a monthly basis. Here you have my wish list July 2016

  1. This wallpaper that mimics watercolor seems ideal, perfect, wonderful. This and a lot more designs murals wallpaper. (No, I’m afraid I do not know if they have distributor in Spain, but from its online store say they do international shipping. It will be a matter of asking :). This amazing wallpaper that looks like a watercolor.
  2. A cushion of those you happy a sofa and even a whole room. It is Trastela. P rinted cushion by brand Spanish Trastela.
  3. Let’s move on adventure. Or at least to the beach or pool … or a river. Come va … Lucia Be. Tote bag with a message “let’s go on an adventure”
  4. A lamp glass of those who create reflections embobantes look. Decanter lamp.
  5. A sheet precious Charuca. Kokeshi 100% beautiful print by Spanish illustrator Charuca
  6. pendant sun. If you know my shop and your mirrors, you’ll understand immediately why pirra me. Flora and Fauna. Sunburst pendant
  7. This dress Galician firm international projection D-Due, or for that matter , any of their designs made ​​by artisans looking out to sea from the arousa estuary, as boast on its website. I have the great fortune to have his dress and I can tell you is spectacular. This dress or any other design created by Spanish brand D-Due.
  8. I tried it and attest that is magical. The shampoos sold in Olivia The Shop are from another galaxy. This is Rahua but say Davines are also not bad. This shampoo by Rahua. I’ve tried it. It’s magical. You can find it in one of the most amazing online shops in the world, the Spanish Olivia the Shop
  9. I have a serious problem: I never get tired of admiring the ethnic carpets have in Mambila … and never get tired of imagine them in my house or find them instead. He would have to live in a palace for me so carpet like fascinates, I know. Kilim available in Mambila shop.
  10. Upssss. This is a trap, because this set brass urchins created in the 50 by the great Viennese Walter Bosse / bronze are in my shop. In my store itself, but in my house … Well they not even true that these bronze figures never go to the store, will always remain in the studio with me, accompanying me, until it reaches a new owner :)). You have them in the Bazar Vintage & Chic An Original set of brass / bronze hedgehogs by Walter Bosse from the 50s.
  11. What I’m going to do. I am addicted to each pair of shoes, sandals or boots that invents Chie Mihara shoes by Chie Mihara. Love. them. all.
  12. Better not ask … Cup (great) in Miv Interior. Now that I think change beer – too much gluten for my body – for wine, I come from pearls. You’d rather do not ask.