My First Christmas in the Bag Department Store

My First Christmas in the Bag Department Store
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Christmas for me is particularly exciting this year. Surrounded by a huge selection of bags, backpacks and purses, the decision of my Christmas gifts was relatively quickly clear: this year bags are given away! But what there is for whom? What kind of material? What brand? What Pocket shape will it be? The perfect gift for parents, in-laws, finding sister and friend took something then, but gift-giving will be finally considered. Gladly, I let you participate in my thoughts and my bag of euphoria and present my own personal gift tips in part 2 of our series.

So let’s start from the beginning. My mom has declared two and has a rich variety of Mademoiselle bags in different sizes and colors. Order to fulfil the style, but also to provide some variety, I chose the Unicorn series decided. Shape series are similar to the bags to the Mademoiselle, but are made from cowhide leather with vintage style. It will be the size of U10 – a compact, but still spacious shoulder bag for city trips or short trips, which have only the bare essentials to. Because it likes colorful like my mother, best fit the colours green or blue.

For the optimal partner look I have looked around for my dad at the mark of two. So far, his only bag is a Messenger bag made of nylon, which is relatively large and usually only serves to carry an umbrella, a shopping bag and the shopping of my mother for him. So I thought, why his “bag collection” not by a small shoulder bag such as the Toro T10 supplement? The color combination of black/chili fits to his otherwise predominantly black accessories and the red color accent is reflected in his jackets. The durable leather ensures that he will enjoy his pocket.

My mother-in-law needs above all a versatile and practical bag with clear design that is not too sporty, but also not too classic and has enough space. Clearly: the Mademoiselle M12. The advantage of this size is that both a short strap for wearing on a shoulder and a long adjustable strap to wear as a shoulder bag are included. In the timeless color black you can perfectly combine the bag and is always contemporary and chic.

Also for the rest of the family, there are large and small pieces of jewelry from the world of the bag, but I will give everything not already previously. A key factor on the gift-giving is Yes finally the element of surprise I hope I could give you a few suggestions and inspire you to appropriate Christmas gifts for your loved ones. Who has still no idea, just look in our Gift Guide . I wish you a magical Christmas and happy gift ever. But a comment writes me what ends up with you under the tree this year!