Natalie Portman Gets Politically Correct Ring

Natalie Portman Gets Politically Correct Ring
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She is just perfect; beautiful, talented and also engaged when it comes to the environment and animals: Natalie Portman. Beauty is vegan, she eats so absolutely no animal products, no honey or milk products also (and still healthy and glaring looks, or?), and also leather not wearing them.

Very laudable, if you think about time, like many animals for our lifestyle and consumption of meat suffer need. Even when her job as a Dior model, NAT had make extra shoes without leather.

She was just at the Oscars Benjamin Millepied – and a shiny ring on the finger happy with their loved ones. She married about secretly? You don’t know it. Jeweler Jamie Wolf revealed anyway, that he you and Benjamin each a ring designed, and a very special:

Both rings are made of recycletem material and politically correct, won so not under exploitation by humans (such as in the diamond mines). “Ben wanted everything to be right, he makes a lot of thoughts”, so the jeweler. Natalie’s ring is made of recycled Platinum and a vintage diamonds, as well as other ‘politically correct’ stones. “All of this had to be so, because it matches their lifestyle!”, says the ring Designer. Exemplary, Miss Portman!