Natural Lighting In Decoration

Natural Lighting In Decoration
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Apartment of 110 m² with lighting as element of reform recovered the personality of the property and conquered the new residents in Bela Vista

The kitchen wall was lined with Vianarte’s hydraulic tile. On the concrete bench, executed by the MGO Works, bowls and dishes of the House Regatta. Stools of A Lot Of. Dining table, from MCAD, chairs, by Fernando Jaeger, and pendant, from Yamamura. White table center of the Firma Casa Concept. Porcelain flooring Bauhaus Cemente, from Portobello (Photo: Edu Castello)

Certain things make a difference when it comes to buying an apartment . According to dealledlights, footage and location are important points, but what really caught the attention of doctors Bruno and Tiago was the natural vintage  lighting of the 110 m² property in Bela Vista, central region of São Paulo.Found on a specialized website, the apê was not the way they wanted it: “The problem is that he had the face of the former resident, that is, nothing to do with us,” says Tiago.

The solution was to put the whole apartment down. For this, they called the architect Gabriela Marques. “We scheduled some meetings and defined the project before starting the construction so that the remodeling could be completed as soon as possible,” says Gabriela.The first step was to demolish some walls, change the floor and redo the electrical and hydraulic part. The lowered wooden liner was removed, increasing the right foot. The living room, the kitchen and the third bedroom were integrated, forming a large living room withapparent concrete beams. The material was also used in the kitchen, where the architect created a support island for quick meals. The shades of gray, present in the hydraulic tile of the kitchen and the walls of the living room and bedroom, was a request of the residents. To contrast, a part of the room was painted eggplant. The huge but unique bathroom had its area divided into two parts: the larger serves the two rooms and the smaller one turned into a toilet .”During one of the meetings, Gabriela suggested painting a wall in the eggplant room. We did not even know what color it was, but we like it, “says Tiago.

The wall comprising the office was painted with gray paint P154, from Suvinil.On the shelves, notebooks, folders and calendars, the Portfolio, and boxes Pantone, from the Firma Casa Concept.The entrance door wall received Suvinil’s R054 eggplant paint.On the sofa, from the Gallery by Format, cushions from the Casa Regatta and the Marché Art de Vie (Photo: Edu Castello)

The pair also had the help of the architect to choose the furniture and design the joinery.From the first apartment, in the neighborhood of Tatuapé, came almost nothing, just a few books and objects, like the red bezel on the shelf. “As a kid, I banged on buying a telescope. I moved from Caxias (do Sul, RS) to São Paulo and brought her with me, “says Tiago. The 30-year-old gaucho came from suitcases to the city of São Paulo in 2010, after passing the medical residency test. “I did not know anything here, it was a shot in the dark. But since I like a big city, I ended up risking it. It worked, I met Bruno a fortnight later, “he recalls.

Today, with everything ready, the residents take refuge in the apê, which does not keep anything of the old configuration. “Those who see the old photos do not believe it’s the same place,” says Tiago.

James, one of the residents.A Lot Of coffee table with binoculars from LS Selection and magnifying glass from Regatta Casa.Marché Art de Vie wooden armchair (Photo: Edu Castello)

James in five answers

What is the soundtrack of your house?
I like trance and electronic music. People think it’s ballad music, but I hear it at home, after I get home from work.

What movie do you never tire of reviewing?
Looking for Nemo. I think it’s very cool! It’s fun and super well done. I like other designs too, like The Corpse Bride.

What food brings you comfort?
Stroke with straw potato! My mother did a lot and I always eat when I go to Caxias.

Which place in São Paulo most reminds you of its origins in Rio Grande do Sul?
The country house of Bruno’s parents, in the Serra da Cantareira. It reminds me of my grandmother’s house.

What was the best advice you ever got?
It was at the time when I was studying for the proof of residence. A friend of Caxias wrote me a note: “Go after your dreams that the whole world is yours.”

On the shelf, executed by RNJ Marcenaria, there is the telescope that Tiago bought in Caxias do Sul plus objects from the Casa Regatta and LS Selection. Next to the TV, sculpture of cement and plaster of Pedro Cappeletti, for sale in Galeria Impar. On the sideboard, pots and tray of LS Selection (Photo: Edu Castello)

Detail of the bookcase built into the niche between the windows. Executed by RNJ Joinery, it houses the residents’ medical books. Next, the toilet, painted with yellow ink Z002, from Suvinil. Photo by Nino Cais, on sale at Galeria Odiv (Photo: Edu Castello)

The room was painted gray E148, by Suvinil. The headboard, made of lacquer in the same tone of the wall, has a built-in LED strip. Bed linens and cushions from Missoni Home. On the left side of the bed, Ben-Hur Antiquities white table lamp. On the opposite side, Teo’s chrome-plated table lamp. On the bed, poster of the Vintage Desmobilia (Photo: Edu Castello)