New in the Bag Department Store

New in the Bag Department Store
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The year slowly leans to the end. But for us in the bag department store with great news is not still long. As a new Member in our pocket family we welcome very the Dutch brand legend .

Legend was founded in the year 2007 and stands for quality handcrafted and authentic creations. The young label high quality, naturally-tanned leather, which is excellent in relaxing vintage looks revolves around. The bags for women and men are the ultimate for a premium casual-style feel.

Legend For the Woman

The women’s bags and backpacks of the labels are perfect for modern women. They combine feminine design with urban, charakterstarker expressiveness and can take perfectly to a relaxed streetwear clothing in everyday life. Their muted, natural tones make it easy also to combine them. Especially shoppers belong to the collection of the Dutch. The classic style is given its special charm and a casual look with sumptuous leather.

I like especially the models with elegant plaiting. Clearly here recognizing hand work at the Dutch brand can be as artfully. They provide that certain something in the design, without applying too thick. My personal favorite is the shopper Merano with the I wonderful can imagine, to take a stroll through the city, and to meet friends for a coffee. The diagonal interwoven leather straps on the front, creating a wonderfully light and feminine moment is special at Meran.

Legend For Men

In the man’s pocket, legend has a great variety to offer. And I’m very happy! Because often I see men with backpack or shoulder bag made of nylon or polyester in Leipzig. Just when I think of trendy Messenger bags, absolutely nothing against this sporty and very practical variation is to use. But sometimes slightly more skill and sense of style can give the finishing touches the outfit. Why a distinctive everyday companion genuine leather access, showing that they found his personal style and treats herself to a high-quality favorite piece? I find the short handle bags of legend that offer perfectly. Let us take, for example, the man’s pocket of Dallas: whose legendary vintage charm makes strong impression, and strong guys look even better. You wear this cool leather boots or shoes, the appreciative looks from women are probably safe.

Whether for you or him, who is for a bag of legend decides, gets a real favorite model to accompany themselves every day can be. Leather of the finest as well as the authentic charm of vintage are the recipe for the Dutchman. What is your favorite bag?