Old World Meets New World – Retro Fallout Merch

Old World Meets New World – Retro Fallout Merch
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Perceive is weird, but so: I like playing Xbox and this not only since yesterday. Somehow games makes me more fun than watching passively in the TV. What sounds like pepped stuff, provides but also surprises for vintage fans . The most beautiful adventure for past fanatics, who not only value a good game, but also a pretty graphic, is fallout 4.

Fallout 4

Fallout is long no longer a secret tip. And since here probably no one expects to read a full review of the game, I want to give you just a brief overview of the game.

Fallout 4 is set in the year 2287. Although sounds like science fiction, but the game reminiscent of the 50s. Because the city is haunted by the atomic bomb, the residents are housed in protective bunkers (Vault111) and return to until many years, if not even centuries later, the surface of the Earth. A classic scenario of the end time. So actually nothing new, but beautifully prepared for vintage fans, because the whole culture by the attacks is stuck in the 50s. The style matches that of Googie unheard since 1940 to 1960 style.

But also for those of you who are not enthusiastic gamer, the game is interesting. Because the cult that has arisen to fallout, brings out really nice merchandise products. My two favorite motifs are definitely Nuka Cola products (a familiar or?:D) and the Vault Boy ).

The key chain is relatively large and solid. He looks really high quality. In the game, the bottle cap considered currency after the war. In real life makes the Nuka Cola trailer not only visually what forth, but can also Bierfalschen open.

The Vault Boy Cup what is here on my breakfast table well. It is decorated with loud posters and the grinning Vault Boy, who strongly reminds the man named Rich Uncle Pennybag and the advertising figures of the 50’s monopoly.