Paglia Milano Fashion

Paglia Milano Fashion
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Clothes from the Sixties silhouette, wool coats and dresses from soft volumes with lighted prints: a collection autumn-winter 2014-15 but fresh retro allure for Paglia Milano.

Margherita, Francesca and Giulia Straw present for the 2014-2015 autumn-winter collection in a fresh and youthful traits retro. A retro modernized which is the basis of their design, minimal design that is to focus on fabrics, however, about the cuts and details.

Fabrics for the young designers must live its own life, why choose them with prints that have their own three-dimensionality, but also light fabrics and even to fall soft on the woman’s body for a total fit.

The collection opens with a dress by cutting sixties in blue jacquard fabric with fancy big flowers followed by many other patterns and colors, offered with velvet jackets or coats lined with elegant silk ties fantasies. Everything meticulously studied because the details are not left to chance, but there is a cure and attention within coats, in the folds of the hills and shirts. The low fertility careful details in the seams, finish, and fastenings of buttons. It is a continuous alternation of warm and cold tones with colors from blue, light blue, brown through orange and burgundy.

Beautiful fantasies years Sixty prints are offered on delicate dresses with soft cuts to a young woman who loves prints and bright colors. High-waisted pants are combined with elegant and transparent blouses to be connected to life or bring open with silk canottierine for a romantic look. But the young Straw also offer a trouser cut for a particular model revisited the palace and brought slightly below the knee with a big bow at the waist worn with a scarf tied around the neck or with white silk blouses elegant.

Soft wool sweaters from the T cut are combined with long skirts with little buttons closure at the front, also proposed crumpled silk and transparent voile, bring casual with a t-shirt or shirts with voile.

The accessory detail of the entire collection is the so-called “duck” or a piece of sewing silk fabric that goes into creating brooches, bows, hair bands or mini scarves. An accessory of a thousand interpretations that sisters Straw choose to accentuate the collection giving touches of color here and there.

Coats jacquard wool with soft volumes, take slightly oversize,  worn with pants skinny cut with comfortable white shirts go to complete the winter collection that encompasses a willingness to growth Straw sisters.

A 2014-2015 autumn-winter for a dall ‘woman allure retro with leaders who want to show their own authenticity.