Photography with Dramatic Flair of a 20 – Year: Sarah Comforter

Photography with Dramatic Flair of a 20 – Year: Sarah Comforter
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It was love at first sight: the dark and romantic images of Sarah comforter, the me remember getting a bit on Tim Burton, have fascinated us by first viewing. We were so lucky that Sarah the vintage Flaneur as well took their photographs, as we, and started a collaboration. It’s still at the very beginning of the Flâneur and it continues today.Because in addition to an amazing talent we got to know a warm and friendly people in Sarah, we quickly joined in the heart and like to introduce to you:

Dear Sarah, Describe For You Us Briefly As A Photographer:

My name is Sarah comforter. I am 33 years old and self-employed since December 2011 as a photographic artist.
In the year 2002/2003 I studied photography in Dublin, Ireland. Then we learned more about analog and the films developed and made prints in the darkroom, what is fascinating and very much fun.Nevertheless I scan in the meantime however exclusively digital. Then I made even a 3-year training as a graphic designer and then 3.5 years employed in a Photo Studio worked, until I’ve made me self eventually in December 2011.

My main task field is located in the vintage, according to my customer’s request area, but also fashion, beauty and fantasy according to AndyEducation.
I offer both shoots for corporate clients, as well as for private individuals.

I am also doing exhibitions regularly and some of my work were already nationally as well as internationally in magazines and books Flaneur published, as such as of course at vintage, the modern pin-up book cupcake quarterly etc.,

What Has Inspired You To Your Kind Of Photography?

The inspiration comes from many different pages. Basically, I had always been a preference for the style of the 20’s. One of my first Shootingaccessoires was an old chapeau claque cylinder. A short time later I an old Gramophone got from a friend, that I always like to use for photo shoots. So it has evolved over time, I’ve accumulated more and more vintage accessories.

Also get inspiration from old films, but also a lot of current movies and series, who like to play in the period between the 1920s 1950s, including the Boardwalk Empire and peaky blinders, I love to look at. More inspiration come naturally through old photos, music and vintage fashion (vintage or vintage style).

What’s the vintage range, was my biggest influence however an earlier vintage and pin-up model, Miss Raspberry Rose, I got to know, was I hired in a Photo Studio. She was there as a customer (of course for photos in the vintage style) and it was a very good friendship. She had lived every day vintage and had almost exclusively original clothing, furniture, etc. We have very often together shootings, always in the vintage pinup or burlesque area. It is gegzogen then a few years in the United States and has unfortunately stopped modeling.

All Just Asked: Why Vintage?

I find vintage clothing is always classic and elegant. It is always tightened. The cuts and the Materialeien previously were simply better and more beneficial, in my opinion.
When you see old photographs to see where such people on the street in the background are, I find not distracting, because everything looks so classic and suitable. Today, it is no longer so, it has simply too many shirts with prints etc, what distracts the eye from the essential. However, the question of aesthetics does not end for me in the clothes. I find, for example, that you also can refer to the old cars, furniture, accessories, etc.

What Is Your Musthave For The Women’s World And The Fashionable Men’s?

For the ladies: A few beautiful pumps, a classic Pencilrock and as far as makeup I find mascara always important (unless you have already beautiful black eyelashes). For the hair, I even like using heating rollers.
For the men: Also I like beautiful pocket watches beard and hat, and 3 piece a great suit (preferably with pattern  )
And applies to both: A beautiful, creative photo vintage-style by me

What Would You Give To Our Readers?

Do not be afraid before shooting! Who would have like even individual and creative pictures of yourself, can arrange a shoot with me. You need experience to bring any, because I offer the customers gladly support the Poznań, Poland etc.And who do not even dare to get hair and makeup in the vintage style, for which I can arrange an experienced makeup artist to!