Pleated Skirt – How to Wear

Pleated Skirt – How to Wear
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The pleated skirts are currently a precious item in women’s wardrobes, as they provide combinations for various types of looks, of different tastes. These skirts make up from the alternative and exotic visuals that will mark the trend of winter 2012 on the catwalks.

For you who do not want to be behind the best releases of the year, it is worth to include in your day to day these wonderful pieces. We prepare the best tips of various combinations so that you use your skirts according to your preference or personal taste.

Check Your Style

Porcelain Doll

For those who want to overcome femininity, the medium pleated skirts of high waist are the ideal. The tip is to opt for uniform colors and without prints. Very delicate sneakers and blouses are welcome to compose the look, using them inside the skirt.

This look is perfect for romantic get-togethers or two-way tours. To complement, you can use smooth collars and make-ups – success is guaranteed!


Also suitable for the work environment, this looks good anytime. The elegant skirts are the high waist and you can use this look even at parties.

Choose simpler shirts and capriche in the skirt: prints, blended colors and gradient will be on the rise this year. For those who think that combinations of shoes, skirt, purse and belt are outdated, here comes the mistake: they will be the milestone of fashion this winter!


Perfect for anyone who wants to leave their trademark anywhere. To compose a bold style, choose chess patterns in the “collegiate” style. In addition to being very beautiful, this outfit will make men’s heads!

To match, you can use light makeup with sneakers, bows and fishnet stockings. It’s a drag!

Day By Day

Light colors and blouses with a soft trim look great for everyday wear. It can be composed of both long skirts and shorter models, high or low waist.

Choose light shades and comfortable shoes to compose this look. Models such as floral, patterned and colorful will also be on the rise.


The pleated skirts promise to bring back all the charm of the catwalks of the 60’s to the present day.

Jackets combined with RayBan boots, bandanas and sunglasses are indispensable for creating a retro look.

A good tip is to use large seed collars – the famous biojóias. They look beautiful and create a very alternative style for anyone who wants a visual differential!