Press: Supplement Entremuros (Mexico) [] Press: Entremuros Mag (Mexico)

Press: Supplement Entremuros (Mexico) [] Press: Entremuros Mag (Mexico)
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I will surprise I took a few weeks ago when I was contacted from Entremuros, the supplement architecture and design of one of the major newspapers in Mexico, the daily Reforma (readers / Mexican / as, correct me if I’m wrong, please!!). Finally an honor for me as I wanted to give you my view on what is for me the vintage in decor and step send them some pictures to illustrate the article. “Ha ha, this is mine” – I thought. [] A few weeks ago I was contacted by the Mexican architecture & design mag Entremuros, edited by one of the Most Important newspapers in the country, the Reforma newspaper. I was so honored and excited! I gave them my view of what is vintage decor to me and sent them also some pics.

So as time was running out, I called my photographer header (by the way, do not miss this wedding photographed by him in Llanes this summer. The bride is beautiful, beautiful!!) and took some pictures from home photos and you he taught here long. [] I called my friend and photographer Muel (Please, do not miss esta wedding that I’ve posted today Past by him) and I Took a few photos of home that I’ve Already shared with you here.

One but: I’m afraid I have promoted professionally, and is a blogger be limited to, treasure hunters and virtual tendera. Otherwise, I think we agree with everything I say… [] The only “but” That is not really my job is interior designer but blogger, online shop owner and treasure hunter. As for the rest, what I say is what I think…

If you want to read the article, it is best to click on each image to enlarge. By the way, thanks Alejandra! [] If you want to read the article (in spanish!) Click on each image to enlarge. By the way, thank you Alejandra!


Ah, I leave with a backward down of this magazine so you can inspire edition… there are real wonders. [] And if you want to feel inspired, Here you have a past issue of esta same mag.