Ray-Ban-Sunglasses: Celebrities

Ray-Ban-Sunglasses: Celebrities
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In “Young Hollywood” a utensil seems to have become indispensable: a pair of sunglasses by Ray-Ban. Fem.com knows who is wearing which model and where to buy it.

We all remember the scene in the first part of the Twilight Saga, when Robert Pattinson aka Vampire Edward first appeared in the car park with Kristen Stewart (Bella) in the arm and put the whole school in a state of shock. Robert Pattinson wore, next to a pointed mischievous grin on his face: Clear, a ray-Ban-Wayfarer sunglasses in black.

Only since this scene did vintage Ray-Bans seem to have become the absolute must-have among the newcomers in Hollywood. In an interview, Robert Pattinson knew that he had a whole crate of Ray Bans, but unfortunately more and more had been lost.

Twilight colleague Kellan Lutz is quite famous for his great Ray-ban collection and even Ashley Greene, who plays in Twilight the character of Alice and is considered a new fashion icon, has a classic aviator model in the closet.

We find that there are some more exciting  vintage sunglasses, but have to admit that Ray-ban is still doing pretty great sunglasses even after more than 70 years in the business. And a classic in the closet is never wrong anyway!

If you have a ray-Ban sunglasses model in Hollywood and where you can buy it, we have put it together for you in our gallery-click through!