Reading Corner in Living Room

Reading Corner in Living Room
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Because Hélène has always wanted to set up the indentation of her patio door, Marie Claire Maison team has created for her a reading area where she can finally relax.

Prior to the development of the platform

The area in front of the window of his living room Haussmann is not situated, Helen wants this backwater to become a small cosy lounge and intimate.

First stage of the work

Before making the seat, we take the sides of the recess on kraft paper that we découperons then. This “boss” will serve a cut made in foam base mattress “special sitting” 10 cm thick that will be cut in a block or, for easy transport, into several pieces that you will stick together at the last moment.
The foam block will then dressed in zippered covers made to measure in a gray cloth, chosen by Helen.

Achieve a comfortable corner

So that Helen can store his large books, two medium of 19 mm shelves, 33 cm from the other have been established in each niche on part of the window. The shelves, covered with 2 layers of olive green paint, are based on strips of 12 x 12 mm pre-drilled, fixed and bolted into the wall on 3 sides. For optimal comfort, we added a cushion in vintage khaki canvas, a black and white printed cushion (Home around the world), another fabric of Jouy and a last mattress canvas (the icing on the cake) and a light pinch “Cornette” Tse & Tse (Sentou) to illuminate his new small reading area on the mattress.

A perfect reading area

The “nest” Helena is finally laid out. A corner made cozy with, as a curtain, with the tissue “tie and die” reported travel and stretched over a metal cable, the shelves where she could store her books of art, its travel guides and his chain “music system” of Tivoli Audio. ” She pinched a “Cornet” Tse & Tse (Sentou) lamp and installed a string of lights for perfect lighting during his moments of reading.
Total cost: 427,35 euros (without cushion)
Foam: 140 euros cutting range (from 60 euros per m2), at St. Pierre Decor.
Cover: 160 euros covers, from 50 euros the cushion, making workshop of the small deer.
Tissue: 7 m = 74,55 euros, (10.65 euros per meter) at the market St. Peter.
Shelves: 16,60 euros cutting included in 19 mm medium (2 shelves 47 x 25.5 cm) and 2 of 47 x 27,5 cm, DIY stores.
Cleats: 5,20 euros my 2 m 15 x 15 mm, DIY stores.
Paint: 31 euros 750 ml, Olive No. 13 mast of Farrow & Ball .