Retro Style Dress

Retro Style Dress
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Retro Picture: How to Avoid Mistakes

Vintage is a style of past years soaked with elegance and finesse. Not to be confused with clothes from second hэnda. If you want to create such a way is the first place you should go – flea market. This is not just shopping – it’s the entire trip in the past. You can find trousers, breeches, who so loved to wear Marlene Dietrich, vintage jackets, exquisite dresses. Owners of antique shops harvesting treasures around the world: Rings with large stones, original brooches, earrings incredible beauty. Naturally, all these rare and exceptional things will cost very expensive. So if you do not have such a possibility, poroytesy in wardrobe, maybe you will find something suitable.

Experts divide retro wardrobe into several groups. So if clothes or accessories, no traces of socks, then call them mint where visible light wear – near mint. Following cases of previous owners used improperly, – Excellent, a small but visible defects – Very Good, while those initial appearance which can no longer return, refer to the group good.

There is also a division of this style of his species, namely:

  • Authentic vintage – clothes made these designers not later than the 1980s.
  • Neovintazh – Things aged artificially. Such an effect is achieved through the use of special tissue and advanced technology.
  • Consumption is a vintage clothes shyetsya using modern materials and authentic items from that time.
  • Clearance under the style includes vintage silhouettes, girlfriend, decor and motifs and ideas inherent in this era.

So if you want to create a retro image must be taken into account when choosing these categories of things. Incidentally, in this case it is quite difficult to determine the size, especially if you buy clothes over the Internet. And all this because vintage models often do not contain labels and system sizes adopted in those years, does not match this.

Size wardrobe, research fashion trends and currents of the twentieth century – so you can decide which way to choose buntarskiy 20s or feminine 30s.

Vintage style is suitable for almost everyone, especially artistic and creative nature. However, the right to wear such things – it’s an art. To master them, note the following:

  • If your wardrobe from head to toe consists of rare and rare clothes and accessories, that’s fine, but all elements of the ensemble must relate to the same stop segment.
  • Combine authentic vintage style with things possible, but it must be done very carefully. Not miksuyte older models with cheap decorations and futuristic style – it will look and taste even vulgar.
  • Most – important-not become a hostage of the past. Ignore a stream, watch modern innovations in the world of fashion, experiment and look for yourself.

A distinctive feature of retro formal clothes – exclusivity, so it is not worth blindly imitate the style icon of this or years. Be yourself when choosing evening dresses, show your personality and character through the prism of vintage and elegant things.