Rockabilly Classic: Great Balls Of Fire

Rockabilly Classic: Great Balls Of Fire
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Jerry Lee Lewis is undoubtedly one of the most dazzling stars of rock ‘n’ roll history.Not only with his thumping Boogie piano and classics such as “Great Balls Of Fire” or “whole lotta shakin’ going on”, away from the stage of the “killer” made headlines.Whether the marriage with his cousin, 13 years old, the accidentally shot his bass player or the night, in which the singer with a loaded gun and a bottle of champagne in the luggage was steering his Lincoln at the gates of Graceland, Lewis was at any time up to its reputation as a “wild man”. It’s little wonder, then, that Hollywood decided to bring the story of the stars on the big screen. The result however liked not everyone.

Jerry Lee Lewis

Rise And Fall-The Plot Of Great Balls Of Fire

The 1989 published “Great Balls of fire” focuses first and foremost on the years between 1956 and 1959, the time, where Jerry Lee Lewis with his first recordings for the drew Studio in Sun and was touted by many as the successor to Elvis Presley. Lewis later put a remarkable “second career” as a successful country music star, plays no role – a clear decision in the film by Director Jim McBride, finally it is enough hard to three years on the screen, especially when it was about three years in the life of the “killer”.

In addition to the musical career of Lewis, especially his relationship with his young cousin Myra plays a central role in “Great Balls Of Fire”. Finally it was also, who first brought the star to a halt. As British reporter return it during the England tour of 1958 killers whose scandalous marrying an underage girl had revealed, in the States – only to find out that also radio, television and concert promoter boycotted him. The film ends with an alcoholic. depressed and increasingly violent Jerry Lee Lewis who fends off the conversion attempts of his cousins and preacher, with the words: “So if I’m going to light, I’m going there playing the piano.”

Facts About The Film

Actor Dennis Quaid and Director Jim McBride had worked together before “Great Balls of Fire”. The result of their first collaboration, the crime drama “the big easy”, convinced viewers and critics alike. Especially Quaids intensive preparation for his role as a police officer with a Cajun accent has been enthusiastically. Also for “Great Balls of Fire”, spared no effort of the then 34-year-old and let teach even playing piano Jerry-Lee-Lewis style.Dennis Quaid was however not the only actor who was talking in Hollywood as Jerry Lee Lewis. A collaboration by Martin Scorcese and Robert De Niro was considered in the meantime. 13jährige cousin Myra is Quaid in the film Winona Ryder to the side, which was at that time in real life 18. Alec Baldwin plays Lewis cousin and preacher Jimmy Swaggart.

Basis for “Great Balls of Fire” was actually the joint biography of the rock ‘n’ roll stars Murray silver and Myra Gail Lewis. These two should work with originally on the script.However Director Jim McBride ultimately decided, a certain distance between the film crew and the people from those great balls of fire is to produce. Previously, already a script was been rejected by Terrence Malick (Badlands, the tree of life), which had appeared gloomy decision makers in Hollywood.

Why Could Suffer Any “Great Balls Of Fire”

Jerry Lee Lewis’ response to “Great Balls of Fire” was unequivocal. The killer said he hates the film as well as the book of his ex-wife, accorded respect Dennis Quaids acting however. Also Murray silver showed little enthusiastic about McBrides directing. Enough in historical facts, met McBride with the admission, he would never want to do a historical documentation and use the biography of silver and Lewis as a “jumping off point” keep up his accusation, the film.

Despite the criticism, “Great Balls of Fire” also found little mercy. Actually is a charge, MC brides version by Jerry Lee Lewis rock ‘n’ roll years had become quite smooth, ill have the hand. Also not really succeed in the 34 Quaid despite all, early 20s to look like, while Winona Ryder playfully as could go for 11 or 12. In addition, this gives a strange painting of the already difficult relationship between Jerry Lee Lewis and his cousin.

Why “Great Balls Of Fire” Can Still Be Fun

Ultimately, it is rock and roll, which is the most fun in “Great Balls of Fire”. Jerry Lee Lewis extra for the film some of his biggest hits from the 50s once again recorded, including “Great Balls of fire” and “whole lotta shakin’ going on ‘, and also the soundtrack of”Great Balls of Fire”can be heard. To do this you may be but divided opinion on Dennis Quaids embodiment of Jerry Lee Lewis as chewing gum-kauendem Gus, when the actor but mimics the legendary stage performance of the killer, he undoubtedly runs on top form.

Who is wants to leave beam on a cosy Sunday night in the wedding of Rockabilly, for the “Great Balls of Fire” is worth a try so. If you interested in more on Jerry Lee Lewis own point of view, should be to his recently published biography, “his own story” access.