Sell Used Clothing on the Internet

Sell Used Clothing on the Internet
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It does a lot on the subject of trade in second-hand goods on the Internet themselves. Who second hand clothing would like to sell online, surely know platforms such as our site, but also the specialized platforms like second hand, where you can even free offered his garments.

But also a new marketplace on the Internet offers the possibility to buy trendy, barely registered, luxury apparel and accessories of trendy brands and sell lovers of well-maintained designer fashion: girl flea market is an online portal, every day presents the latest designer pieces and fashion must-haves. The pre-loved clothing is up to 70% cheaper than the Virgin. Girl flea market is a wonderful chance to be kept only favorite pieces in the wardrobe.

The purchase of a frustration turned out to be authentic at home it turned out that matches the color of the dress but not to the trendy leather jacket?
Easy girl flea market sale, find each designer piece and each noble vintage look one proud new owners. Two possible choices are the owners of precious textiles and accessories, after registration you can either immediately their precious textiles and accessories set and sell, or they use the comfortable Concierge service from the girl flea market.

Concierge service
The concierge service includes all operations related to the sale. Interested parties send a request by E-Mail to the provider and receive an invitation that contains more information and details. After shipment of the high-profile article, these checks in the bearing – only rights and well-maintained apparel and accessories get the Concierge badge, the company’s own quality label that guarantees highest quality. Girl flea market brings the valuable pieces in the right light, take photos and product descriptions. Seller yourself the Concierge set the price for the designer pieces, the minimum price is 50.00 euro. After the sale and shipment of the goods to the new owner seller the Concierge get paid 60% of the selling price to your account, go the remaining 40% Commission at

The luxurious treasures are four months to sell, is not willing to purchase the designer articles during this period, notifies the owner of the concierge service. Seller shall be free the Concierge if he donates the textiles or would like to have back. In case of a return, the owner will bear the shipping costs.

But not every fashion brand is suitable for the exclusive marketplace, girl flea market searches for apparel and accessories by hip designers such as Louis Vuitton, Escada, Hugo Boss, mulberry, Prada, love child or Drykorn prefers. Sold out pieces from limited special editions, special vintage models or IT-bags found a ready market and are ideal for the online platform. The concierge service rejects counterfeit, damaged or discolored article.

Underwear, swimwear and sleepwear, or parts that do not reach the minimum of 50,00 euros, can be not accepted, the same applies to low-priced clothing from H & M, C & A, New York or, for example, Pimkie.