Separate Swimwear

Separate Swimwear
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You have a small chest and pronounced hips? Or, on the contrary, a voluminous chest and flat buttocks? There are no ideal measurements and all women are different: to be sure to choose the swimsuit that suits your body perfectly, head towards the separable swimsuits.

Separate swimwear

Depending on your body shape, standard 2 piece  vintage swimsuits are not necessarily suitable.If the top is fine, the bottom is not the right size, or vice versa.It is always difficult to find the ideal shape of swimsuit, both for the top and the bottom.This is why you can buy both pieces of your  vintage swimsuit separately. According to, this is the principle of separable swimwear.

Besides, with separable  vintage swimwear, you can choose the style you like most:knots and accessories, colors and patterns … You can have several swimsuit tops matched to one bottom.Monokini enthusiasts can also buy the swimsuit or shorty of their dream without the top of the swimsuit.

Choose the top of the separable swimsuit

If you have a small chest, avoid triangles.On the other hand, underwired swimwear and push ups will showcase you.You have broad shoulders?Forget the thick shoulder straps or ties to tie around, which accentuate the top of your bust.

Neckline, tie, shape, chest support: choose the swimsuit top that suits you best according to the models offered.

Choose the bottom of the separable swimsuit

If you are small in size, avoid the bathing shorty , which will tend to “shrivel” your legs down.Scalp panties are more appropriate.For the morphologies “panties of horse”, it is quite the opposite.To avoid drawing your eye on your hips, do not choose a high waist or notched panties.

Low waist or high waist, cut-outs, string : highlight your assets with the right shape of swimsuit.

Some brands also propose to realize your swimsuit on measure.