Shoes Always Fit

Shoes Always Fit
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Probably this is one reason why women have more of it in the closet.The feeling, “oh, but also nothing fits” and then to find in the shoe department, knows each of us.I also like to grab the bags.Shopping also has something to do with ‘prey to do’.

I have a girlfriend in Switzerland who even has shoes to look at.For this she has dug small shelf boards on the wall and you can look at them, as in a gallery.However, some copies are so high that they are actually more likely to go under “art” than under “shoe”.

Nevertheless, it is not uncommon for me to stand in front of my towering bootleg, and I think I have none.Because nothing fits perfectly to the outfit.It came before, that I spontaneously times online which ordered and the outfit three days ago.Of course this also has something to do with free shipping.

It is often easier to look around in an assortment, just enter the type of vintage shoes, color, size, heel height and pricing, than run through shops and finally put the compromise because you are so annoyed.

Strolling is already a nice thing, but especially now, around the Christmas season, I avoid the shopping streets and buy almost everything online.I also know more and more families in which both parents are working who order their food online.

But back to the vintage shoes again.In the three years that I now run, especially two pairs of shoes have proved themselves and the recurring readers know the already already, since they are on some outfitpostings to be seen.

Here are two pictures:

A few simple pumps or something like this, with a little chain, I wear when it matters. That this was so in this case, you can read in the corresponding posting.

There are shoes that are worn until they fall apart. These boots have already been dressed two times by a good shoemaker so that I carry them to this day. They fit into many of my outfits and never come out of fashion so one hundred percent. Here you can find more pictures to this posting.

So if you ask me what shoes are a must have then I would call these two. According to shoesespecially, I am someone who likes to wear clothes, often a friend called the purchase of leggings, shoes and nylons “follow-on investments”.There’s something going on when you start at zero, which is not the case with me now.

I also have very high shoes, but I wear them only when it is clear that I have short distances. On such evenings I always have a pair of matching ballerinas in the handbag. I can recommend such an approach. That’s what I’ve done at the Businessladys in San Francisco. They ran up the hills in their sneakers, and I thought:Hey, I call this time a break and a white sneaker .Then I had seen them 10 meters before the entrance of their office towers, as they quickly changed outside.

Sometimes it is quite good to know the tricks of others.

What are your must haves?