Short Winter Dresses

Short Winter Dresses
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It is curious to know, but the fashion of the short dresses of winter 2014 is very close to the summer models, since many models end up migrating from the hot season to the cold, and guarantee incredible looks, modern and super charming.

But the innovation is due to the prints that now appear with very different names like ornametal stripe, folker, breath of spring, passanaria, carousel, sirjan, embroindery pattern, twigs, among others like floral, animal print, geometric, celestial prints and others. And the legal is the meaning of these prints, which bring an intention, optimism, happiness, and religiosity.

But do not stop there, because the short vintage dresses of winter 2014 also arrive with strong colors like red, orange, yellow, blue, green, earthy, roses and wines, but also gray, nudes, brown, black, among others. The 2014 fashion is really very beautiful and joyful.

Regarding the models can vary widely between fair, waistline and round skirts, super varied necklines, from the most daring to the most discreet, transparencies, ruffles, tulles, very varied textures, and still lace, assorted flat fabrics, velvets, embroidery, applications , pieces with blanks, straight models, with or without sleeves, in short, there are no limits to such creativity and beauty.

The varied models of short winter vintage dresses 2014 are very elegant and sophisticated, and can bring a special refinement to the woman’s look, whether to bet on day-to-day looks or for festive occasions, they are very elegant and luxurious, really.

The transparencies, tulle illusion and embroideries on the skin, that is, second skin, are in high, as well as the waistline, offshore and other necklines that arrive especially for the models of short winter dresses 2014 party. So, check out and choose from so many options, the models that fit the most with you and your style.