Ski Fashion 2013 – Pistentauglich Also at the Apres-Ski

Ski Fashion 2013 – Pistentauglich Also at the Apres-Ski
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The new season of ski fashion essentially based on the experiences of its origin, even if here and there one or two breakthrough is achieved. Ground-breaking changes are rather rare, the breathable material is still in the foreground, if a few nuances refined accordingly also the needs of the market. Priority is given to the thermal insulation, spectacular escapades in the background and all back to the character of the style.

The ski fashion for the coming winter season promises to be a little more discreet. Almost classic appearance, inspired by the look of street clothes, the new women’s fashion comes in. Parkas and anoraks vying with carrot pants and fluffy leggings in vintage style. Discreet black is jazzed up with beige tones, with ecological substances of natural kindness paid respect.

Two-part enjoys great popularity, with jackets and trousers to change. This adds color to the everyday life and breath of fresh air. Extreme stress needs a hard shell, since the soft core can be stressed even once. If you encounter and applied patch, these are not the last witness just lightly placed over accident; It’s pure intent, who’s behind it. In this way, also the extreme elasticity of the sturdy substance can be placed out. In the spectrum of colors, you have the choice to tend to the limb or to give up but entirely. Flash neon alternates with soothing violet in all shades, including the partner look, if it’s popular, lime green and bright orange ranks next to the restrained design, which has smart features.

The geometry comes into its own as the asymmetric forms as well, the trendsetting runs this winter in the most diverse directions. Uniformly red and by and by Orange is no less accents as the variety in shape and colour. Nice to look at are the modern Eskimos with colorful winter hat and so cute wrapped up that you would like to just great them through the snow. Folklore is given a worthy place on a par with the more stringent designs, is allowed, always, what you like, and in the interaction of the variations the individual individuality is much better, as can be seen for example on the outfits at State of the art technology needs some earthiness, everything on a certain baseness falls down somehow to be fully accentuated without counterpart. If it should be particularly sexy, WINS, which tightens the contours.

The optical leg extension is beneficial expressed through short jacket. The combination of retro with neon colors seems maddeningly; What has proved its slope performance, must be not less suitable for the après-ski fun in the approaching evening.