Slow Watches Celebrate the Slow Lifestyle

Slow Watches Celebrate the Slow Lifestyle
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Slow-a new life concept
Four founders of Hamburg not more to make every minute in the daily race and celebrate the slowness with the slow watches. The slow watches designed to fundamentally change the perception of the present time. The word slow to not go to a speed but to a way of life and an attitude to life, because many people have nowadays often forgotten in the hectic everyday life to live how they want it. The slow watches do not alter a life setting from one moment to the other, but they can remember when you once again don’t know what should be done first, that you can decide what you want to do. To be or not, whether or not stress or to enjoy every moment and have no time pressure.

The slow watches-the concept
The slow have a unique design watches the watches have a clockwise only, because for these clocks it comes up to the really significant and important to focus. A pointer shows all 24 hours a day at a glance and so the 24 hour dial gives a very good overview of the entire day. Normal watches that’s fundamentally different. With a pointer, concept and the 24 hour dial the carrier has the chance to create a better awareness of the time for the whole day. On the dial of the slow, there is no obvious company logo watches, because these watches need no flashy “name tag” to be recognized again. In addition, the design of slow speaks watches for themselves. The company logo is subtly indicated on the back of the housing.

Read properly
The one-handed watch correctly to read may be a few difficulties of transition requires in the first few days, but you used dial and your a pointer quickly to that 24 hours. The Watch has no seconds and minutes more that can be read and thus also not under time pressure, setting either and can stress. Each large stroke on the clock then shows the full hour, I.e. 18: 00 and every little stroke until 19: 00, shows 15 minutes. Of a hand is on the first small stroke after 18: 00 it is 18:15. Adjust the clock correctly is also not difficult. The Crown is then up to the second pulled out, further she goes not well, then to set the current time and the Crown get pushed back.

The design
The housing is completely symmetrical, the edges are equally proportioned, and the body adds to the overall simple and unique. The housing is made of solid steel. The mineral glass of watch is slightly elevated and extra hardened. This creates a vintage look that is characteristic of the slow watches. Also, the watch is water resistant up to 100 m. You can buy the clocks on our site.

The slow designers have provided us friendly way a Slow Jo all Black Steel worth £ 250. Would draw them to you now.

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