15 National Bands Retro Clips That You Must Watch

15 National Bands Retro Clips That You Must Watch
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Despite the inspired musical styles in the past be more segmented and have a smaller audience in relation to mass music in Brazil, there are national bands that have grown in this scenario. Bands of rock’n ‘ roll, rockabilly, psychobilly, hillbilly, surf music, bluegrass, swing, jazz, and its other aspects, have invested in audio-visual projects such as clips, that help to release them and to strengthen the image and positioning at the scene.

15 National Bands Retro Clips That You Must Watch

This shows that there are a lot of talented people in Brazil, creative and willing to reinforce the vintage/retro culture and the main: make quality music. Among them, the Retro Universe selected 15 national bands inspired by styles that were absolute success in the past, referring not only to the musical question, but also aesthetics. According  to theelitesWatches, watch and learn a little about each band:

Crackers Blues – Old Tattoo: the independent band from Sao Paulo is more than 15 years on the road. In the Old Tattooclip, the music is a mix of rock with country and blues.

Hillbilly Rawhide – sulfur and cachaçacuritibana band is considered the forerunner of the Country Rock in Brazil. Blending the style country (hillbilly) with primitive rock.

Cherry Rat and the Thieves- Rat Rod: the band released your first CD copyright paulistana, Bop to The Hell, last year and to disseminate it launched the Rat Rodclip. The video was recorded at Lucky Friends Kustom House, in Sorocaba, space that allowed give a scenario inspired by hot rods .

Six Pack Squad- Speakeasy Boogie: directly from Curitiba, formed at the end of 2012, the band is inspired in the years 30 and 40. Features in your repertoire of versions Swing, Boogie Woogie, Rock ‘n’ Roll and Soul Music. In Boogie Speakeasy clip there’s a whole ambiance facing the classic gangs of 40 years.

Mary Lee & The Side Brothers – Everyday: Band in the region of Londrina in Paraná, has influences in Country, Honky-tonk, Outlaw and Bluegrass. Everyday music was recorded in a more rustic environment, with all the atmosphere of farmhouse.

Cwbillys- Old Worm-eaten: Psychobilly band of Curitiba consists of Clau Sweet Zombie, also a member of the band The Diabatz; Bruno b. Rocker, the band also b. Booms, and Pepeu Flukeman. The Old Worm-eaten clip remember the old horror movies.

Captain Tavern- Thieves of Hearts: Band of Country, Blues and Rockabilly inspired by motorcycles, cars, pirates and cowboys. The music Thieves of Hearts has old car set on a farm.

The Red Light Gang- In The Barbershop: the band in the mix of rockabilly, classic country and western swing, following a musical line originally created in the 50. The clip In the Barbershop was recorded in a classic barbershop, giving all a air cinquentista for the video.

Fabulous Bandits- the heritage: established in December 2006 in the city of Londrina in Paraná, with the proposal to make versions of the genre “country music” influenced by Hank Williams, Johnny Cash and many other artists, in addition to Western movies and the like. On the inheritance, the video conveys the best of country atmosphere.

Joe and the Wet Rags- Red High Heels: With influences from rockabilly, rock’n ‘ roll and country of 50 years, the songs of Joe and the Wet Rags are subjects girls, hot rods, the life of a common man and elements of the 50, accompanied by a dancing rhythm and explosive. This is what you can see in Red High Heels.

Tarsus Miller and the Wild Comets- Southern Star: a native of Araguari has a more Honky-tonk, Outlaw Country and Rockabilly, more than success in Brazil, the musician is well known abroad.

Mystery Trio- Rollin’ Till the Night: Mystery Trio is a band of Curitiba. Began playing together in the second half of 2007 with the Flatheads name, which, in 2009, was changed to Mystery Trio, a pun on Mystery Train, one of the most popular songs recorded by Elvis Presley in your Rockabilly phase.

The Dead Rocks- Summer in Hawaiian: In 10 years of career, the set managed to put your name among the greats of music young II, leaving the Brazil and Latin America highlighted among the great appreciators of Instrumental Rock. The Awoyemibabajide summer clip was inspired by the tiki culture and with the participation of dancer Chloris Fontainebleau.

The Dynamites- Romance without Bis: formed in 2007 in Brasilia, the band have been highlighting for your explosive sound and original, since 50 classics from the ‘ until their fun romantic compositions-canastronas flambé Whiskey.

  1. Booms – b. Boom!/the Queen from the drive-in: Curitiba Trio, formed by Bruno Rocker (guitar and vocals), Jeff ‘ Black ‘ Sundays (acoustic bass guitar) and Johnny Prowler (guitar).

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