Sneaker Trends for Men for Summer 2013

Sneaker Trends for Men for Summer 2013
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We look up the sneaker trends for men for the summer 2013 one might think the 90s were there again. The manufacturers come up with brightly colored sneakers with all possible applications. Men can wear sneakers next summer to the suit or in everyday life in all colors and shapes. Has always been fashionable changes in the otherwise very conservative range of men’s fashion are accepted only if they are – especially down like the new sneaker trends.

The color of courage
Just sneakers in bright, gaudy colors can be worn in the coming summer. Also multicolored shoes are not a problem and can be worn even to the suit, even if it still all sorts of applications, such as stripes, stars or rivets are added.
In addition to strong colors, tones and Bonbonfaren are also pastel in the trend.
Also, the shoes must shine again next summer. The vintage look is rounded off and metallic effects are well received at men’s shoes. Contrast-soles, brightly colored shoelaces or a cheerful mix of different patterns and materials can be worn by fashion conscious men safely and you see in the shop for street and labels by DefShop also very common on the top seller list. However, there are also subtle colours such as Bordeaux and also grey in the trend. It must be so not always orange or yellow.

Sport sneakers
Sport sneakers are another trend in summer 2013. It also again bright colors can be used. Just blue, shiny sneakers increase in popularity. Sneakers are still told in the jogging and running style. The shoes can be worn in everyday life perfectly, a Catcher are comfortable and in the trendy colours. Neon colors are sporting models in the trend. Also men must next summer also on socks without and rolled up or shortened pants wear the shoes.

Hi-Top sneakers
This form of sneakers was previously hardly noticed, it is now even more popular. The Hi-Top sneakers ranging over the ankle and are offered by more and more manufacturers such as adidas and Boxfresh in bright colors.

Low-top sneakers
The low-top sneakers that don’t go above the ankle, are also in bright colors. Brave men can combine them with colorful laces. The shoes can be worn comfortably in everyday life.