Sneakers in the Trend Check

Sneakers in the Trend Check
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This spring sneaker fans expect a wide variation of fashionable street shoes. The trend is colorful and sporty as well as timeless and elegant. At the front, light and comfortable shoes are textile.


Adidas and Nike as always the front


Adidas boasts a sporty new edition of adidas Munich and proves that retro feel. The first shoe of this series was launched in 1972. The sole, PU was new at the time and made easier the shoes, the older probably recognize them.

At Nike, higher and more elegant shoes, meanwhile, are “in”. Black History Month is the latest release of the sporting goods manufacturer. This series is on a holiday in the United States, and honoring the great contribution of blacks to American history. The black held Nike sneakers are interspersed with bright colors that celebrate African American culture.


Rather reticent also Lacoste, despite generally colorful product selection is the company opts for restrained, yet flashy sneakers. The color palette ranges from white over dark brown to jet black. Lacoste typical are the sneakers mostly made of leather. Trend Tip: Ballerinas espadrille-style.


Vans in the trend


It is believed the trend forecasts that expect a colourful spring is vans full in vogue. Fancy colorful vans in different neon colors are offered with the Canvas authentic Lo Pro, for example. Ladies beware: there are even vans with sequins. The vans are this year as always easy and convenient. Who is on casual accents, should access.


Of course, for purists, classical black vans are also back in. Who wants to sit still colour contrasts, not get around a combined with colored chinos. The spring 2012 may occur in any case.