Sophia Loren – A Tribute To The 80

Sophia Loren – A Tribute To The 80
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Afew days ago Sophia Loren has celebrated her 80th birthday – the press is full of reports and congratulations on the occasion of this anniversary. It was known as Diva and Italian movie goddess among others. And that’s without a doubt. The actress is in addition to their fellow Gina Lollobrigida and Claudia Cardinale as one of the last divas of our time.

Sophia Loren - A Tribute To The 80
Sophia Loren has starred in over a hundred films, two Oscars and other countless awards.Who’s the woman, who was known in her childhood by fellow students as “stuzzicadenti” – “Toothpick” and later moved millions of men with their beauty and radiance in the spell?


Sophia Loren (Sofia Villani Scicolone) was born on the 20.09.1934 as the illegitimate daughter of a piano teacher in Rome. However, the father, a handyman, she adopted, not lived with the mother. The actress in Pozzioli, a small town near Naples spent her childhood marked by poverty.
To supplement the household budget, the young Sophia in the teens took part in beauty pageants. In choosing to Miss Rome 1950 she became Vice – beauty queen and met her future husband, the film producer Carlo Ponti. The marriage produced two sons and lasted for more than four decades, Ponti died in 2007.
Support her later husband, her looks, her talent and her ambition brought the actress to a world career, with a small role in “Quo Vadis” (1950) began. First main roles got the Loren – films with her were inevitably to box office magnet. She turned with almost all Hollywood greats of that era: Cary Grant, Clark Gable and Marlon Brando were to its film partners, just to call. Cary Grant was impressed so of her own triad of ungefesselter femininity, charm and humour that he (1958) proposed to her during the common shooting to “Boat”.
Less well known is that the Loren is a passionate Cook who has written numerous cookbooks and published. On the occasion of her 80th birthday, Gräfe and Unzer “in Cucina con Amore”, a cookbook, which is peppered with numerous anecdotes, has republished. Also her social commitment should at this point not go unmentioned: since 1992 it is a Goodwill Ambassador of the UN Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR).

Films And Awards

There are films of another time who founded Sophia Loren world fame. Postmodern feminism and statuierter equal rights was still far in the distance. The woman image and self-image of women about their role in society were completely different from the today’s image of women. And it was the type of woman, embodied the Loren proud femininity. Forgotten the dance scene in the movie “it started in Naples” as Sophia Loren as Lucia the song “You Wanna Be Americano” sings and to dances, confident, powerful, independent and sexy at the same time.
“Pride and passion” (1957) was the first Hollywood film in which starred Sophia Loren.Cary Grant and Frank Sinatra were her male co-star. This was followed by many more productions. With two Oscars, the actress was recognized for their work. She received the first with only 28 years for her role of widow Cesira in the war drama “and yet they live” (1960). She received the second Oscar in 1991 for her life’s work.

The Phenomenon Of Sophia Loren

Sophia Loren attraction is undiminished in the age. Legendary repeated the scene in Robert old’s “Prêt à Porter” (1994), when the then 60-year-old “wedding the striptease for her co-star Marcello Mastroianni from the film in Italian” from 1964. Who, if not it could be over 70 years with perfectly staged nude photos in the Pirelli Calendar shine?
Without a doubt, the Loren looks fabulous. Whether, in age still fantastic appearance, only the smoke – and alcohol waiver is attributable to you, is. According to its own figures, the actress goes to sleep early and operates a 20-minute stretching every morning, immediately after waking up. But her most important beauty secret is love, the thespian once told a magazine on the occasion of her 70th birthday.
And it is believed her immediately if she, now 80-jährig, Goddess just floats on the red carpets of the world and Bewitched all present photographers and their audiences with its fascinating aura and her infectious laugh of Neapolitan.