Starting a Vintage Wardrobe

Starting a Vintage Wardrobe
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How to start a vintage wardrobe?

You dream to build up a vintage wardrobe but you do not know where to start? Folie vintage will make for you a series of articles. First steps to shopping, the smallest steps will be peeled to guide you!

Starting a Vintage Wardrobe

It is not clear to begin a vintage wardrobe. We do not know where to buy, we do not know the values ​​and prices, we do not make the difference between a dress 40s dress and 50s …

Do not panic ! And not need a diploma in fashion, you can get there, with time and patience! The key is to be well informed, take the time to think about what you want and set goals to achieve.

When it starts, it flows very easily on the first dresses we see, regardless of whether it is often put, if we have sufficient to match at home, if it is going and we also … if the price is justified. Learn to differentiate a dress that actually dates from the 50s to a reproduction, it is not learned in a day.

Our first article will make an overview of the questions we ask and prejudice on the vintage.

The vintage is expensive.

Very often, it is believed that the vintage is too expensive, then we turn more easily towards reproductions of “Made in China” of poor quality, and often much more expensive than a vintage piece. Already, it is necessary to differentiate between a rare piece and a less sought. Sure, a Dior dress will not be given! (Expect more zeros after the number …) For example, in some closets of vintage addicts, one can find parts for 5 euros and other 300! But overall, the vast majority of “reasonable” purchases are around 20 to 60 euros per piece. In the vintage, if one is patient and that good china, we can find small wonders at low prices!

The vintage is too big / too small.

Another prejudice! Certainly there are too small or too large parts. Too small: you can not do anything. But too much? Well too great dress, you can always wear it with a belt; at best editing. Very often tweezers can perfectly adjust the dress in your size! And if you do not have the soul of a seamstress (but trust us, it’s not very complicated!) There is surely a relative who will do it!

Then, if you know your measurements by heart, you will find pieces perfectly in your size on the online shops. It is sometimes better to drop a piece that is not sure he could well touch and keep searching THE piece that will suit you. And if you have the chance to try to shop, do not hesitate, even if you have prejudices, “it will be too much”, “It never gets me,” “color / pattern is too light for me “… etc. There may be so (very) nice surprises!

What are the advantages of vintage by modern reproductions?

The advantage of the vintage is that it is, for the most part, unique pieces, as though some vintage items were performed in counterparts, the likelihood that they have survived the years is rare. No risk, therefore, end up with the same dress as your next evening, unlike modern reproductions! Not only are unique but with an experience, a story … By putting on a dress or jacket dating from 1940, you prolong their history. You give them a new life!

In addition, the reproductions are often far less original than some period pieces, less cut and not necessarily representative of the style. For example, the reproductions are often shorter or decollete. Fabrics can be of poor quality and creators often simply plain fabrics or prints “caricature” style: peas, cherries and even skulls … There are a few talented designers can offer some of the tailored !

Obviously, everything depends on the desired effect … It will be the subject of our second article, “Asking the right questions to start well” …

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