Stylight Fashion Blogger Awards at the Mercedes Benz fashion Week Berlin

Stylight Fashion Blogger Awards at the Mercedes Benz fashion Week Berlin
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Before yesterday the Mercedes Benz fashion week in Berlin has officially started, the tent at the Brandenburg Gate with a large Bloggerevent already opened Stylight Monday evening. Stylight belongs to the international fashion platforms and fashion communities and ensures the latest outfits and news about fashion, beauty and accessories with the blogs.
While there were quite a few discussions in advance, that admission to the MBFW bloggers to be complicated and this should largely excluded Stylight devoted bloggers – Stylight fashion blogger Awards explicitly as a priority the outfit bloggers.

The Stylight fashion blogger awards are for the first time at the Mercedes Benz fashion week here. This is a unique pre-event of this fashion week in Berlin and here the on – and offline representatives of the fashion industry are brought together with the partners of the media, as well as the lifestyle & fashion industry and also of the press. The best bloggers from across Europe were awarded the Stylight fashion blogger award in four categories. These include the most creative fashion blog, the most promising fashion blog, best fashion blog and also the most influential fashion blog style.

In these blogs is again on the new about the Modestyles written and about the exciting outfits. Every fashionista is always up to date and who offers the best outfit, who treated a theme the best and the most beautiful results in the overall composition of the outfit, makeup, hairstyles, photo composition and text in the blog presents, will win the award. Many participants of course their best and try to write as much as possible about this topic and to make their own creativity in the blog in the foreground.

Everyone has his fan base and takes the hottest trends under the magnifying glass. The bloggers sitting at many fashion shows in the first series, the so-called and much contested Frontrow, and ensure Eddy in their blogs. It is particularly interesting for those who don’t can be and information then it all firsthand.

Already pretty lean in the advance departure represented as expected, were among the nominees to find many International Blogger superstars – was the German blogosphere – with only 4 of 40 bloggers. Unfortunately Masha, Nike & Sarah, Carl & Jakob nor Jessie could prevail in the finals against the international heavyweights. Compared to the international elite, Chiara Ferragni, which has more than 100,000 visitors a day on her blog and more than 500,000 fans on Facebook, we have some catching up to German blogger. Chiara Ferragni led by the way despite a jetlag (it came directly from L.A.) SUVERÄN by the evening, while Raul Richter seemed slightly out of place and repeatedly in “Vestiaire Collective” knotted the tongue – the sponsor probably less funny than for the audience. The sponsors mavi and Douglas work well for this.

And also we men have to there are not easy in the circles of the ladies. It has the only man of the finals despite his perfect model body, Mariano by Mariano Di Vaio style, not managed to collect the trophy.
Therefore the creation of a separate category for men fashion blogs would be a good improvement or the creation of country categories in addition to the existing categories. Similar to known from MTV, where’s the “best German Act” or is a local artist at the EMAs.

The nominations were as follows. We have marked bold the winner.

The program of the Stylight fashion blogger awards included also a runaway show by mavi and a performance by the singing blogger Andreas Wijk. The highlight is then following the after show party at Prince Charles. Even if the German bloggers use prices played hardly any role, and there are here and there is potential for optimisation of the events, I can only hope that this event is set from now on. Because there is hardly a stage where bloggers are respected and recognized for their work. Usually, you must be satisfied as a blogger with the loving care of the readers and other Bloggerfreunde and repelled the multiple rating itself. The Stylight blogger awards are inspiration to fill up so a great opportunity in a stylish atmosphere and each other to celebrate with bloggers from all over Europe!