Swedish Hasbeens: Lacy Sandal

Swedish Hasbeens: Lacy Sandal
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So here it is!!! the full review of the Lacy Sandal Swedish Hasbeens. It has been a few weeks since these clogs have graced my feet and the love affair still continues, we are almost reaching Summer here in Australia so the promise of balmy nights and long afternoon picnics is so close I can almost taste the watermelon and smell the sunscreen! I have many Summer adventures to take these Hasbeens on.. I can’t wait!

It really is hard to choose favorites to be honest, the designs are based around the same clog base so you know whatever style you choose they will be comfortable, the use of leather focuses on proper support as well as the genious designs they manage to craft into the leather, if you mention t/strap lasercut floral to me.. of course I’m sold! I am going to be honest here it did take me at least 5 min to get used to walking in clogs again, the fact they don’t have a flexible arch had me clonking around like Frankenstein for a little bit but then like anything if you stick at it for a little bit I was gliding around like they had been on my feet forever! They are absolutely my go-to shoe for the season and I am sure you will see them popping up on the blog a lot more!

If you are absolutely in need of these amazing clogs you can check them out HERE I have the Dirty Pink Nubuck color and although they appear darker on the website they are lighter in “real life” Swedish Hasbeens also have an amazing Instagram account too so make sure you pop on over and say hi to them!

So my weekend was pretty amazing…pizza and bowling date night with my man, Halloween swing dancing on Saturday night and a lazy Sunday of coffee dates and dodging rain showers (and cleaning…but there is no fun in mentioning that is there) i hope you all had an incredible weekend too! Happy Monday Xx

(According to Heartattackskirts.com, wearing: Swedish Hasbeens, Op Shopped Blouse, Vintage Skirt, Vintage Purse & 1950’s Sunglasses)