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Some swimsuit bottoms are made up of a skirt. The skirt is sometimes sewn with the panties, but it can also be removable or detachable.

A bathing skirt as a jersey

According to bikinirevival, do you feel that no swimsuit stocking will suit you: panties, shorty, let alone the string?Choose a bathing skirt: a very feminine jersey that adapts to all body shapes.

It is simply a small vintage skirt very short, sewn over the panties, which serves as a comfortable and aesthetic jersey! It is made to hide the hips and bring a little relief to your bathing suit, with ruffles for example.It is therefore made with the same fabric and the same patterns as the top of the jersey.

The skirt:an extra accessory with your bikini

There are also  vintage swimsuits provided with a top, a bottom, and an optional skirt.You can tie it around the waist or put it on as a skirt, as the case may be.

You can swim with your swimsuit in addition to your swimsuit bottom.But if you want to swim more comfortably, do not hesitate to leave your removable skirt on your towel and throw yourself in the water!

Make yourself a skirt with your pareo

If you have a small sarong , you can simply tie it around your waist to make it a skirt.Tie a knot on the side, at your hip, and your skirt is already ready.However, this skirt is not designed to go into the water, unlike the bath skirts.But you can dress after swimming by transforming your pareo into a little skirt.

A skirt like swimsuit bottom, or a skirt to add to your swimsuit as soon as you want: several options are possible. You can also make a short skirt by tying your sarong around your hips.