Vintage Tribal Print Clothing

The girl in roller is the new Fashionista to follow. Zoom on a cool sportswear trend to adopt without delay!

The new girl ‘in’ in terms of fashion done more pilates or fitness… she moves in roller vintage! Cool in gasoline as one of these blondes running around on the beach in Los Angeles, roller girl gives off a strong charisma and casual natural mixture. With his four wheels to toe shoe, she leads us without difficulty in his wake particularly looke. High waist shorts mixed with a dressing of sportswear to retro looks, the style of the amateur of roller is especially strong. Like her or Margot Robbie in “Suicide Squad”, we fancy this sporty vintage look, without necessarily get up to speed on French streets. Continue reading Vintage Tribal Print Clothing

Best Vintage Leather Backpacks

Backpacks are back in force for several years, and not only among men. Originally created for hikers and soldiers, they returned to life for their practical side: they allow you to carry a lot of business while keeping your hands free, and avoid getting sore back.

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