How to Create 80s Look

Remember those years 80? Well, their cargo of exuberance and color is also very popular in the New Millennium, therefore, in this guide I will give you some tips to dress in the style of the 80s but without falling into the trash or revive some stereotypes really cheap fashion. The look that I propose is basically “by night”, but can be customized in the afternoon, being careful to remove some flashy accessories too. In any case, we see all the steps to recreate the style 80s into the new millennium.

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Vintage 1960s Hairstyles

And ‘rock and irresistible style of winter cuts 2014 2015 Jean Louis David, one of the trademarks of hairstyle most loved in the world, which for this season with cuts short Unisex hair and moves and rebels blaring.

Season after season we learned about the style of the French company Jean Louis David, who has bewitched us during the summer with its proposals Girly Style, flash hairstyles trendy salon to do in just 15 minutes, and with the proposals of fashion haircuts Jean Louis David’s most elegant.

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80s Fashion Lookbook

Rediscovering the style 80 years can be a very fun game. It was not a particularly happy period for fashion, but there are so many leaders who have made their mark in history. It may seem strange, especially to the young, but now even this decade officially entered in the vintage and can be very chic (or fashionable) rediscover the most characteristic elements to give an extra touch to your wardrobe. How to start?

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How to Make a Retro Hairstyle

Feminine and sensual, the retro styling is the hairstyle of choice for the pin-up of yesterday and today. Timeless capillary, it has its roots in the 1920s and never stopped reinventing itself over the decades.Toothed undulations and voluminous curls are now part of the fetish beauty layouts of celebrities on the red carpet. And the vintage wave also hit parades. A glamorous, dense and brilliant hair: priori nothing sexier for a woman. We also adopt the style fatal woman!

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Hippie Chic Hairstyles

There are now two days at the end of the Coachella Festival, one of the most important festivals of the US music, attended every year many Hollywood stars, dancing and having fun in the meadows with a look decidedly bohemian style.

A modern interpretation of the style hippie, sometimes mixed with more rock or punk elements, not only nell’outfit, but also with regard to the make-up and hairstyle.
and it is on this that we want to linger and learn more about the hairstyles that are very trend if you love this kind of style: hippie-chic hairstyles, wild and romantic, composed of braids, chignons, beachwaves etc., to show off, and now during the holidays in the beach this summer.

Braids and weaves

No matter what, the important thing for a hippie-chic hairstyle is weaving: from basic braid that binds all of the hair, to a made with a tuft of hair that falls around the face, to the most intricate designs.

Disheveled chignon

The disheveled chignon is undoubtedly one of the most vintage hairstyles and women of recent times! We find it declined in many versions, but always with tufts of hair free and rebels falling on his face, to recreate versatile look, elegant and casual depending on the accessories and the outfit you wear.

Bun with braids

It is a hairstyle that can be adapted to be both elegant and sporty, depending on the style you prefer. There are several ways to make a bun with braid, easily by themselves, using bobby pins, rubber bands or a donut for chignon, here is a tutorial on The Wonder Forest.

Double chignon

Strange, yes, but totally cool, this hairstyle seems to remember the headdress of Princess Leia with two side chignon. For an extra touch, add a braid that goes around the head, as an eight or infinity symbol. Tutorial on Hair Romance.

Half-Knot with mini central braid

There are those who, like the actress Kate Bosworth, relies on a simpler look with a cignon half-knot, made ​​from the original mini braid positioned over the center line. What do you think?Here’s how to make it happen on Brit + Co.

Baby grand

A fast and elegant hairstyle used by many stars, because it is well to smooth hair wavy, to be always perfect for every occasion. Tutorial on


The ponytail back into fashion, hairstyle simple but chic, perfectly pulled out front or left slightly disheveled, very smooth and sometimes even in wet look, is perfect for those with long hair. Very nice tutorial on  and Buzz Feed.

Chaplet of braid or flowers

If there is no hat on, there is the crown! A decoration that can be achieved by simply wearing a crown of flowers purchased in stores or carrying a wreath with the braid, which you can also decorate with petals and flowers, placed in your hair for a wilder look.

Central harvest

If you do not want completely loose hair, pull them back and pick up the hair on the forehead with the hairpins.

Beach waves

If you love the beach waves, one of the hairstyles that best reflect the Coachella style realizzatele ruffling his hair with the plate or by following the various tutorials on Youtube.