Autumn Winter Fashion Trends

What will be the trends of the winter season 2013/2014? It will play all about contrasts and one of the muses of designers is the celluloid.

From the collections of Paris and New York, with a mandatory stop in London and Milan, it is clear that the next autumn-winter season is played throughout the contrasts: the ambiguity between male and female, between strength and fragility, opulence and grunge, past and this. Contrasts that reflect the many facets of the twenty-first century woman, and above all celebrate her unique personal style. What are some recurring trends of the winter season 2013-2014? A tip to the girls: take a look at the wardrobe of your fathers or boyfriends: you could find some really interesting item of clothing! Oversized dimensions, tomboy-style pinstripe fabric… these are some of the trends for next season.

Once again, the film was a major source of inspiration for designers. Many collections evoke the charm of the past (culture, fashion, lifestyle) that movies like the Great Gatsby, based on the novel by F. Scott Fitzgerald, have brought to the big screen. And again, movies like Noir, known for a highly dramatic film iconography and stylized, but also for the protagonists characters costumes, inspired a particularly refined style, reflected in proposals from real femme fatale. From celluloid directly on the catwalk!

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