10 Fashion Trends Summer

Fashion is renewed each season and other models of clothes come for success. Summer is the trend of the moment and everything revolves around this station. The pictures are beautiful and some pieces that you probably already have in your closet can also be used this summer. Parts for the summer are manufactured to facilitate your life on this are so you can make the most of all the riches that the summer has to transmit. That’s why we have selected below 10 fashion trends summer 2017. Continue reading 10 Fashion Trends Summer

Fairytale Wedding Dresses

I love fairy tales. That’s why I also love the new autumn collection 2017 by Francesca Miranda. When I found this talented Latin American designer, I realized that I had to show it to you. The incredible details of the  vintage wedding dresses that immediately put you in a fairytale world are just too beautiful. But let’s start from the beginning. Continue reading Fairytale Wedding Dresses

Beehive Vintage Clothing

Heaven of cute dresses and vintage accessories, is Beehive, an American e-shop where everything is absolutely hot and at affordable prices!

You love the vintage, cute accessories, and dresses of Jessica Day? Sit comfortably and hold on to your pants because it is likely to crack because of this evil e-shop.

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Vintage 1970s Fashion

LookImitate the hippies in fashion style to feel more beautiful and then to get in direct contact with nature. It’s not very complicated, simply choose the clothes years 70.

The clothes 70 years can be very interesting, especially if you love the style of the flower children and want to show off a vintage look. What are the heads that can not miss? Obviously it takes an elephant flares, which can be matched to a pair of flip flops or even a nice wedge heel.

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Wear Hand-Me-Down

Some call the clothes already recycled or opportunity; others prefer retro or vintage. Whatever term you use, more people focusing on its value. Wear vintage shows “you are hunting outside the Pack. “You can make your own idea about your own style, and you don’t have to follow regardless of the current trend,” said Kerry Taylor, who runs the auction house specializing in vintage couture.

The lesson: don’t ignore the hand-me-down or fashion of opportunity. These days, even her Majesty Queen Elizabeth of England is his closet shopping: her white dress decorated with birds national of Trinidad and Tobago has received a makeover with Swarovski crystals in the shape of maple leaves so she can wear again to the Canada. Just a little thought to resemble a creator of trends instead of a time traveler.

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Vintage Bridal Dresses

The dream always, since it was small and enchanted him in front of the Disney Princesses. There is the princely and white colored dreams, those who imagine and eccentric who dreams in black and white. Are the vintage wedding dresses, latest fashion that is plaguing the lovers of retro style. To find the most stylish models we must doubtless look at the years ‘ 40 and ‘ 50, when the concept of elegance was still tied to the grace and class of women such as Greta Garbo, Ava Gardner, Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly.

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Vintage Clothing Vichy

It ‘comeback the last year and, although not enjoying great success among us ordinary girls, in this time of year is always the center of attention and is particularly appreciated by the stars of street style!
The fantasy Vichy, the printing checked that depopulated on the catwalks of top designers, will also be part of this seasons o, whether you like it or not, it is perhaps appropriate to try to figure out how to match it in the right way.
Wear this fantasy is anything but simple and you have to follow some care to avoid showing off outfits that border on the ridiculous.

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How to Style a Vintage Skirt

The flared skirt back always to the fore, here are tips to bring it and match it in the right way.

The full skirt is timeless and vintage charm, periodically back always in fashion in a contemporary and modern. The full skirt is a must of the years ‘ 50 and ‘ 60 when women couldn’t show very body and legs but they knew well how to be sexy and feminine thanks to cuts of the clothes. The flared skirt showing off the waist and thin ankles, revealing his legs, was really beloved by all the girls.

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