Vintage Skirts

Pleated Skirt – How to Wear

The pleated skirts are currently a precious item in women’s wardrobes, as they provide combinations for various types of looks, of different tastes. These skirts make up from the alternative and exotic visuals that will mark the trend of winter 2012 on the catwalks.

Vintage Shoes

Shoes Always Fit

Probably this is one reason why women have more of it in the closet.The feeling, “oh, but also nothing fits” and then to find in the shoe department, knows each of us.I also like to grab the bags.Shopping also has something to do with ‘prey to do’.

Vintage Jackets

Outfit Straight Army

All summer, I was looking for the perfect white sneakers. They should definitely be completely white, but they should not be too boring. However, as I usually do, I did not find any matching shoes.

Retro Clothes

80s Fashion Lookbook

Rediscovering the style 80 years can be a very fun game. It was not a particularly happy period for fashion, but there are so many leaders who have made their mark in history. It may seem strange, especially to the young, but now even this decade officially entered in the vintage and can be very […]

Vintage Jackets

The Look of the 80s

Structure and color are the hallmarks of 80s fashion! it’s a very eclectic period at the look: a black dominant rock or Gothic silhouettes;inordinate epaulets and deconstructed cuts for a working girl stylish effect; or fluo for sour moods to Flashdance!