Bikinis Fashion Trend

It’s new year’s Eve and the heat has been intensifying. The combination holidays and summer bring refreshing afternoon coastal us or even in clubs in the city. The sea, the Sun and relaxing waters of the swimming pools begin to be part of our calendar regularly over the next few months, and the concern to find the perfect bikini walks together!

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The Back of the 1980s

While the International Exhibition Ready to Wear Paris is ready to welcome the public from 3 to 6 next September, Muriel Piaser, director of all PAPP Salons, deciphers for us the trends that punctuate the season Printemps Summer. the next ready-to-wear collections should sign the back of the 1980s the program: overalls, pants “bellbottoms” Hawaiian shirts and flashy colors.

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Retro Style Swimsuits

Take a hint of 50’s style if you want to watch the beach chic, but still be able to find a couple of breakwater.

As anyone over 30 will attest, fashion trends tend to come back when you least expect. Who could have predicted the return of “style of the ‘ 80s, the off-the-shoulder sweatshirts? Denim or white? It would be a wonder of fashion was not predictable.

The beginning of the 21st century brought us even further in the past, with swimwear Recalling decades from the 30 years, when the legs were weaker, busts were covered, and the navel was a serious no-no. But the man does not have Lana Turner do look hot. Continue reading Retro Style Swimsuits

Vintage Swimsuit 1980s

Ironically, most of the 80 swimsuits mocking the style of the 50s, so if you want your thrift stores and consignment shops for swimwear You might come across a vintage swimsuit 80s that looks exactly like a sexy swimsuit 50s Grab it! Person now does the difference, believe me.Add a red bandana on your Rosie the Riveter hair, a pair of retro sunglasses, and a basket handbag style, and you have the pin up look perfect for the beach or pool. Tikiles parts are perfect for swimwear 50s, as well.

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Vintage Swimsuit for Man

Summer sales began just three weeks and for those who have not yet found their summer look, it is high time to make a turn in swimsuit man rays summer 2012 sales of your favorite online auction sites. Shoe – decided to give you a helping hand by selecting three swimsuits each with their well defined style: the printed, announced by the masculine press (GQ in mind) as the major trend in swimwear for this summer; color blocks, trend for last summer that can dare again. and finally the ‘classic’ in a vintage spirit shirts. Opt for one of these swimsuits will allow you to have a head start in the race for the most beautiful summer look!

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Vintage Swimwear For Summer Diva

Are feminine and elegant: here are the vintage swimsuit perfect for enhancing curves and Tan.

Will that vintage has an irresistible charm, will be that the good intentions of getting fit to swimsuit season vanish almost always like a popsicle in the Sun: the fact is that the 50 ‘s 60 ‘s swimsuits are perfect for camouflage with softer curves and style be elegant even on the beach. Whether it’s high-waisted shorts or pants, the trend of summer 2013 relies entirely on vintage. It’s not too late, indeed, so if you still enjoy the holidays can take advantage of sales and focus on more sophisticated models.

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