Meet the Voodoo Shop Dedicated to Retro Fashion/Kustom

The Vudu is a store dedicated to the retrothread. Founded in 2008, the brand creates products inspired by old school tattoos, rock ‘n roll and the most varied elements involving the vintage theme. As one of the brands that most supports projects aimed at culture fifties, the store is a partner of the Party Rocket, event in celebration of the launch of the Retro Universe. Continue reading Meet the Voodoo Shop Dedicated to Retro Fashion/Kustom

How to Wear White Tank Top

If I ask you the most basic look, what do you respond? Most would say: jeans and white tank top. Yes, the white tank top and jeans appear at the top of the list of the most basic looks, but also at the top list of wildcard parts. With these pieces you can mount looks of all kinds, and so today I will speak of the white tank top.
For starters, the combination that I cited above: white tank top with jeans. No matter the color of the jeans, the white tank top combines with any wash jeans. And not just any color, the white tank top combines with skinny jeans, flared jeans, straight leg jeans and so on.

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