Vintage Style Swimsuits


With the leg the more low-cut, a 30’s – style swimsuit is almost tunic length, often with an attached skirt. An auto-ceinture could add some interest to the size.


Retro – ‘ 40s costume has a low-cut leg without the skirt; There could be a sexy Halter and ruching strategically placed, which is great to cover imperfections. It can also be a two-piece, revealing a few inches above the navel.

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Vintage Inspired Wedding Dresses

The vintage is very fashionable and dresses in style, are the great return. They are perfect for those girls who dream of their wedding day with a romantic antique flavor while at the same time wish to not take itself too seriously. There is, however, used, vintage & vintage. In the sense that each decade from the 1930s to the 1970s has its peculiarities.

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Womens Vintage Sweaters

Dead and buried in the Lair of old clothes, that cleverly orchestrated zone reborn from the ashes at the bend of a comeback. But can exceed the heights of the podium and get into our wardrobes?

Refer to the time zone, it is clearly talking about a garment that less than 20 years may not know. A time where fashion is (re)born the most

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How to Make a Retro Hairstyle

Feminine and sensual, the retro styling is the hairstyle of choice for the pin-up of yesterday and today. Timeless capillary, it has its roots in the 1920s and never stopped reinventing itself over the decades.Toothed undulations and voluminous curls are now part of the fetish beauty layouts of celebrities on the red carpet. And the vintage wave also hit parades. A glamorous, dense and brilliant hair: priori nothing sexier for a woman. We also adopt the style fatal woman!

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Vintage 1930s Fashion

30 years Look by annaturcato featuring Miss Selfridge

The woman 30 years is an elegant and refined woman. Now aware of itself is passed from the exaggeration and refinement, even when osa with massive prints and recalls the paintings of the artists. The back is straight, the body is dry, the posture to be wrapped in long evening dresses and draped.

Day clothes are fitting and comfortable with new fabrics like jersey that combine a large coat and the inevitable cloche, bell-shaped Hat perfect to frame the face and short hair.

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