Differences Between the Little Black Dresses of Yesterday and Today

Black dress is one of the great classics in our locker room is a basic that we can get a trouble in any occasion. Today there are even people who sew them to machine, a friend of mine has a overlock machine and works real wonders. But we focus on the article that we have here, what are the differences between the little black dresses of yesterday and those of today? Let’s see it! Continue reading Differences Between the Little Black Dresses of Yesterday and Today

Essential Pieces to the Wardrobe of Pin-Ups This Winter

The Brazilian winter officially arrives on the day June 20, but the low temperatures gave the guys in some parts of the country, such as South and Southeast. With that in mind, we select 13 essential parts for the Pin-Ups who want to escape the cold in style this winter. Let’s check it out?

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How to Style Vintage Jacket

How does Tweed modern?

The trend material has once Coco Chanel looked off the British. Now there are again him – in trendy styles and brand new and differently styled.

“The fashion is unfashionable, style never”-so was Coco Chanel’s maxim. One of their trademarks is the Chanel jacket. In the 1950s, she managed this masterpiece from bouclé-Tweed with border hem and gold buttons. Today, the combinations look different. Here are five examples, such as one Tweed 2015 styling.

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Wear Hand-Me-Down

Some call the clothes already recycled or opportunity; others prefer retro or vintage. Whatever term you use, more people focusing on its value. Wear vintage shows “you are hunting outside the Pack. “You can make your own idea about your own style, and you don’t have to follow regardless of the current trend,” said Kerry Taylor, who runs the auction house specializing in vintage couture.

The lesson: don’t ignore the hand-me-down or fashion of opportunity. These days, even her Majesty Queen Elizabeth of England is his closet shopping: her white dress decorated with birds national of Trinidad and Tobago has received a makeover with Swarovski crystals in the shape of maple leaves so she can wear again to the Canada. Just a little thought to resemble a creator of trends instead of a time traveler.

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Vintage 1920s Wedding Dresses

If you love the retro style and on your wedding day you want to impress friends and family with a look that is truly original, what’s better than a wedding dress from vintage mood? Here are the trends by designers most loved.

Among the most interesting bridal trends 2014 there is, surely, thevintage wedding dress. It’s not about clothes bought in stores specializing in vintage clothing but of creations from the collections of wedding dresses 2014 more important whose fashion designers have decided to build on the trend of the past to make some creations for the wedding day.

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Vintage Style Swimsuits


With the leg the more low-cut, a 30’s – style swimsuit is almost tunic length, often with an attached skirt. An auto-ceinture could add some interest to the size.


Retro – ‘ 40s costume has a low-cut leg without the skirt; There could be a sexy Halter and ruching strategically placed, which is great to cover imperfections. It can also be a two-piece, revealing a few inches above the navel.

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Retro Style Swimsuits

Take a hint of 50’s style if you want to watch the beach chic, but still be able to find a couple of breakwater.

As anyone over 30 will attest, fashion trends tend to come back when you least expect. Who could have predicted the return of “style of the ‘ 80s, the off-the-shoulder sweatshirts? Denim or white? It would be a wonder of fashion was not predictable.

The beginning of the 21st century brought us even further in the past, with swimwear Recalling decades from the 30 years, when the legs were weaker, busts were covered, and the navel was a serious no-no. But the man does not have Lana Turner do look hot. Continue reading Retro Style Swimsuits

Vintage Fashion in Paris

Corsets, petticoats, corolla skirts, pointy shoes, floral prints or stripes in bright colors, suits skirt “pencil” and wasp waist, strapless, sheath dresses, cocktail dresses, rock embroidered crystals: this is the sewing years 1950. At the same time, a relaxed fashion-tight sweaters, trousers and jeans privateers-is carried by the baby boom generation.

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How to Build a Vintage Look

Cravat, dark glasses from diva, band, Messenger bags, hourglass dresses and polka-dot pattern. Here’s how to make a vintage look and chic in style 50 years with the right accessories.

The 50 years represent the epitome of femininity: women start playing with malice in the clothes, triumph the pin up and spreads the desire of transgression thanks to the emergence of exciting rock ‘n’ roll. The style of the dress depends on Accessories: it is no secret that all fashionistas are familiar. So what are the details of this historical period?

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Vintage Inspired Swimsuit

James! You want to play the pin-up on the beach? Adopt the retro trend ! Pants high waist, headband, frilly-frilly, vintage spirit made a big comeback in the rays swimsuit for summer 2015. Guide-pool will explain everything!

A Swimsuit Retro to Highlight Her Figure

Is Marilyn Monroe the icon of femininity? The pin-up of the 1950s was turning heads with her busty figure. No wonder that today ‘ today, the creators of lingerie and swimwear inspired outfits of femmes fatales of the 50’s, who were showcasing their buxom forms.

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Vintage Swimsuit 1980s

Ironically, most of the 80 swimsuits mocking the style of the 50s, so if you want your thrift stores and consignment shops for swimwear You might come across a vintage swimsuit 80s that looks exactly like a sexy swimsuit 50s Grab it! Person now does the difference, believe me.Add a red bandana on your Rosie the Riveter hair, a pair of retro sunglasses, and a basket handbag style, and you have the pin up look perfect for the beach or pool. Tikiles parts are perfect for swimwear 50s, as well.

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Dita Von Teese Anni 50

If you love the 50’s make-up, get inspired by the retro beauty of Dita Von Teese, the undisputed queen of burlesque. An absolutely feminine look and iconic, consists of a diaphanous complexion, black hair and red lipstick, her distinctive signs that distinguish, although in reality Dita Von Teese is a natural blonde, but since 1992 has begun to dye her hair, while she likes to change lipstick on her lips, through shades ranging from pink to a dull orange. For 20 years now features the same vintage make up, a trick within the reach of all, easy to carry out: in fact, you’ll have to do is rummage in your cosmetic bag to try a mascara, a black pencil and a red lipstick.

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