Glashütte Original Sixties Iconic

It is stained in Glashütte. Vintage is generally with many manufacturers the next popular as never chases a heritage collection. Also the Glashutte factory provides a tribute and pays homage to the colorful 1960s with a special collection.

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Differences Between the Little Black Dresses of Yesterday and Today

Black dress is one of the great classics in our locker room is a basic that we can get a trouble in any occasion. Today there are even people who sew them to machine, a friend of mine has a overlock machine and works real wonders. But we focus on the article that we have here, what are the differences between the little black dresses of yesterday and those of today? Let’s see it! Continue reading Differences Between the Little Black Dresses of Yesterday and Today

Vintage 1960s Hairstyles

And ‘rock and irresistible style of winter cuts 2014 2015 Jean Louis David, one of the trademarks of hairstyle most loved in the world, which for this season with cuts short Unisex hair and moves and rebels blaring.

Season after season we learned about the style of the French company Jean Louis David, who has bewitched us during the summer with its proposals Girly Style, flash hairstyles trendy salon to do in just 15 minutes, and with the proposals of fashion haircuts Jean Louis David’s most elegant.

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Vintage Fashion 60s

Even if the 2010 trend is the disco look of the 80s, I wanted to tell you about the fashion of the 60s. We have not had the opportunity to live during this carefree time and what I wish just for a day, slip into the streets of Paris and see what was happening. 60 years have revolutionized the world of women’s fashion and life.

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Accessories 1960s: the Must-haves for a Vintage Charm

What are the accessories that women and dive 60 years liked to show off? The decade that more has been able to make a breakthrough in women’s style was characterized by many must, perfect to be worn even today. Here’s the cult of the time.

The Accessories 1960s, lively, flippant and with a charm in stark contrast to the heads shown off by women in the previous decade, they return periodically sets in the collections of the designers most loved and noble. Social revolutions and the cultural ferment that characterized that period not only revolutionized the clothing of a generation, far removed from that of their parents, but it changed the style with a series of Accessories able to give the look a whole new mood really reflects a rapidly evolving society.

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Vintage Shopping in Berlin

Not far from the Blazer with Leopard print, a baggy black leather jacket hangs with rivets.Is difficult to see the purple Cardigan with Glitzerapplikationen certainly – in combination with the white hippie lace blouse say we – would specifically look.

In Berlin, ‘Made in Berlin’ customers by the time travel vintage store. Here shoulder pad jacket and flower-power strike pants come close completely, here Marlene trousers and cowboy boots flirt at each other.

«Vintage things have a history, and I don’t that», staff Shopperin explains Andrea Lake Mountain from Berlin. But vintage is not the same vintage. There are designer second hand shops. “And there, so a great handbag by Chloé or Fendi, who has 20 years under his belt, can be really expensive.” There are timeless classics, lovers pieces in such stores. And then there’s also the opposite: things to the price per kilogram. «There is also much junk at», says Lake Mountain. Continue reading Vintage Shopping in Berlin

Vintage Style Swimsuits


With the leg the more low-cut, a 30’s – style swimsuit is almost tunic length, often with an attached skirt. An auto-ceinture could add some interest to the size.


Retro – ‘ 40s costume has a low-cut leg without the skirt; There could be a sexy Halter and ruching strategically placed, which is great to cover imperfections. It can also be a two-piece, revealing a few inches above the navel.

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8 Good Reasons to Shop Vintage

Have you ever wondered what the vintage owes its success? In a world where fashions go by faster than ever, in which large chains offer several new collections every season, the vintage like and never goes out of fashion. As if what comes from the distant past was not subject to the tyranny of trends. It is true that there are good reasons to buy vintage.

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Vintage 1950s Dress

50 years Look by annaturcato featuring a white dress

If during World War I she was so glad to find a bit of independence and had struggled to keep it after the second trauma of war was too strong.

Everything that the world wanted was to return to a State of peace and serenity and ostentarne the achievement.

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Vintage Swimwear For Summer Diva

Are feminine and elegant: here are the vintage swimsuit perfect for enhancing curves and Tan.

Will that vintage has an irresistible charm, will be that the good intentions of getting fit to swimsuit season vanish almost always like a popsicle in the Sun: the fact is that the 50 ‘s 60 ‘s swimsuits are perfect for camouflage with softer curves and style be elegant even on the beach. Whether it’s high-waisted shorts or pants, the trend of summer 2013 relies entirely on vintage. It’s not too late, indeed, so if you still enjoy the holidays can take advantage of sales and focus on more sophisticated models.

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