Vintage 1960s Hairstyles

And ‘rock and irresistible style of winter cuts 2014 2015 Jean Louis David, one of the trademarks of hairstyle most loved in the world, which for this season with cuts short Unisex hair and moves and rebels blaring.

Season after season we learned about the style of the French company Jean Louis David, who has bewitched us during the summer with its proposals Girly Style, flash hairstyles trendy salon to do in just 15 minutes, and with the proposals of fashion haircuts Jean Louis David’s most elegant.

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Vintage Look Tutorial

Let’s jump back in time to admire the beautiful accessories cult of the years 70, which today can come to our rescue for successful vintage look!

The most beautiful Accessories 70 years have deeply resented the cultural revolution that has also involved the feminine and masculine wardrobe: there were a whole series of must-haves that can not miss today in vintage look glamorous.

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70s Vintage Fashion

The 70 years are back. You want a vintage look, typical of that decade made of great passions and good music? Don’t worry, it’s not a complicated task. The first thing to do is to choose the right leaders. Sometimes just a pair of pants or a shirt that dictates a style. In the case of the years 70, certainly the flared pants is the most representative.

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Vintage 1970s Fashion

LookImitate the hippies in fashion style to feel more beautiful and then to get in direct contact with nature. It’s not very complicated, simply choose the clothes years 70.

The clothes 70 years can be very interesting, especially if you love the style of the flower children and want to show off a vintage look. What are the heads that can not miss? Obviously it takes an elephant flares, which can be matched to a pair of flip flops or even a nice wedge heel.

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Wear Hand-Me-Down

Some call the clothes already recycled or opportunity; others prefer retro or vintage. Whatever term you use, more people focusing on its value. Wear vintage shows “you are hunting outside the Pack. “You can make your own idea about your own style, and you don’t have to follow regardless of the current trend,” said Kerry Taylor, who runs the auction house specializing in vintage couture.

The lesson: don’t ignore the hand-me-down or fashion of opportunity. These days, even her Majesty Queen Elizabeth of England is his closet shopping: her white dress decorated with birds national of Trinidad and Tobago has received a makeover with Swarovski crystals in the shape of maple leaves so she can wear again to the Canada. Just a little thought to resemble a creator of trends instead of a time traveler.

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Vintage Inspired Wedding Dresses

The vintage is very fashionable and dresses in style, are the great return. They are perfect for those girls who dream of their wedding day with a romantic antique flavor while at the same time wish to not take itself too seriously. There is, however, used, vintage & vintage. In the sense that each decade from the 1930s to the 1970s has its peculiarities.

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Summer Makeup Trends

Do not miss that much the arrival of summer and if even this year, as always happens at this time, you already been hit by a great desire for renewal, you need to start thinking about how to brush your look! Get ready to make new purchases and to receive new clothes and accessories that will keep you company from here until the end of the summer and do not forget to renew your beauty case! 

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70s Hippie Fashion

Hippie clothing made history the years 70 and you can safely recreate with some small measure. Here are the recommendations of Fashionblog to be a true flower child.

The seventies are always in our hearts, because they have scored a really important social and musical level. These are the years of youth and fashion revolution lived a real jolt. If you have the desire to revive the hippie, you don’t have to do is follow our simple tips and practical, to dust off the mother’s dresses, which still preserve a vintage style and modern at the same time. The question is very simple: what to wear? Continue reading 70s Hippie Fashion