Retro Clothes

Vintage Skirts for Winter

If the arrival of the first chills to think about giving up the skirt big size for the benefit of the pants because it is too cool for wear bare legs but not yet quite cold out tights; We appreciate when temperatures are finally in the fall and you can finally wear a tights largeand highlight our […]

Retro Clothes

How to Make a 90s Shirt

This fashion was inspired by those previous hippies and then punks who had their clothes threadbare. As is known the fashion always repeats itself, so why not bring back to life this trend from the past? The guide will explain how to get your custom shirt in years ’90 style with the simple aid of bleach. Get a colored t-shirt, type “Fruit of the loom”, so to […]

Vintage Home Decor

Vintage Retro Decorating Style

Contrary to popular opinion, decorate his house way vintage does not ask for large investments and the work can very well be done yourself.The vintage is based on the idea that the decoration as has known it in our childhood is carrying a certain charm. In a few words, it is a back to basics. But the vintage can […]

Retro Clothes Vintage Pants

Vintage Leggings

Following a resurgence of ’70s fashion, it is inevitable that bits and pieces of the 1980s and 90 should come back in style.Part of this trend is the return of favorite stretch pants all the leggings. While some leggings tilt in a modern style, others are definitely retro flavor. Lace and neon leggings bring back memories of […]

Retro Clothes Vintage Bags

Vintage Style for You

From the closet to the living room, the vintage is everywhere! Looking for the unique and refers to the past, this recent movement brings together lovers of rare coins. But women stop recuperer in their cupboards or their attics, clothing that they, or their mothers, were wearing when they were 20 years old. Nothing to do, it doesn’t work […]