Retro Vintage Interview Vadalizm Universe

After a gabfest with pin-ups like Cherry DollFace (YouTuber), Micheline Pitt (pin-up model and fashion designer) and Miss Rockwell (organizer of the biggest pin-up contest), it’s time to talk with one of the most recognizable models of vintage culture currently: Jasmin Rodriguez, best known comoVintage Vandalizm. Puerto Rican with a unique style, the pin-up is full of curves and what makes a good kitty eyeliner marked as no one, including your registered trademark. Continue reading Retro Vintage Interview Vadalizm Universe

10 Fashion Trends Summer

Fashion is renewed each season and other models of clothes come for success. Summer is the trend of the moment and everything revolves around this station. The pictures are beautiful and some pieces that you probably already have in your closet can also be used this summer. Parts for the summer are manufactured to facilitate your life on this are so you can make the most of all the riches that the summer has to transmit. That’s why we have selected below 10 fashion trends summer 2017. Continue reading 10 Fashion Trends Summer

Natural Lighting In Decoration

Apartment of 110 m² with lighting as element of reform recovered the personality of the property and conquered the new residents in Bela Vista

The kitchen wall was lined with Vianarte’s hydraulic tile. On the concrete bench, executed by the MGO Works, bowls and dishes of the House Regatta. Stools of A Lot Of. Dining table, from MCAD, chairs, by Fernando Jaeger, and pendant, from Yamamura. White table center of the Firma Casa Concept. Porcelain flooring Bauhaus Cemente, from Portobello (Photo: Edu Castello) Continue reading Natural Lighting In Decoration

Hairstyle of a La Fontanges – Baroque Hairstyle Instructions

The Fontanges is an artfully constructed hairstyle of the late Baroque (1680-1720), which could be up to 60 cm high.

Supposedly wanted this hairstyle the 19 Duchesse de Fontanges, mistress of King XIV, during a hunting trip around 1680. Through a wild ride their hair had loosened, which just took them up and fastened with a garter belt. Continue reading Hairstyle of a La Fontanges – Baroque Hairstyle Instructions

Artisan Transforms Old Christmas Ornaments

The Christmas wreath is one of the most representative ornaments this time of year.Announcing joy and welcoming to the parties and to the loved ones who visit us, they decorate and give charm in the decoration of the gateways around the world. Among its uses, carries symbols of prosperity, protection, wealth, health and, of course, festivity. Continue reading Artisan Transforms Old Christmas Ornaments

45 Ideas for the Coolest Giant Wall Clock!

There are so many ideas to decorate your walls. The giant wall clock is one of the best options you can achieve and that goes well with every interior style.Vintage, modern, luxurious, rustic, all styles go with the type of wall clock that corresponds to them. Continue reading 45 Ideas for the Coolest Giant Wall Clock!

How to Get a Vintage Look

Have you always wanted a vintage look, but will never find what you’re looking for vintage shops and flea markets and prefer shopping at Zara or H & M? Good news: cheap chains offer plenty of retro clothes that at first glance look like vintage. Here is an Council to have a perfect vintage look created with cheap chiefs after an afternoon of shopping in the city centre.

Before we begin, however, I cannot deny that the vintage items (i.e. over twenty years old) have many advantages against low cost fashion: they are unique, tailored and often much better quality than those offered by the big chains. Also these heads have existed for decades and pose no ecological or social problems. Cheap chains however offer vintage inspired garments, but with today’s fashion-appropriate volumes, making them easier to carry for a retro look but at present. Continue reading How to Get a Vintage Look

Vintage Marlene Dietrich Fashion Review

The Marlene Dietrich fashion – the unique style Of the Hollywood icon

The elegance, uniqueness, to cover the glamorous aura of a Marlene Dietrich in words, is nearly impossible. So much so, she takes people captivated, then as now.


Marlene Dietrich fashion

Narrow eyebrows, a heart-shaped the hallmarks of Marlene Dietrich fashion were made-up mouth with dark lips, an elegant and often boyish look.

Continue reading Vintage Marlene Dietrich Fashion Review

Vintage Clothing and Makeup of Marlene Dietrich Style

Marlene Dietrich as Femme Fatale

Marlene Dietrich made her great breakthrough in 1930. The young Berliner played the lascivious Lola in Josef of Sternbergs film “The Blue Angel”. The screenplay was based on the novel “Professor junk” by Heinrich Mann. The teachers Emil Jannings falls in love with a vaudeville singer, played by Marlene Dietrich, and it perishes.

Marlene Dietrich - 副本

This role of the Femme Fatale was tailored on the body of Marlene. So she not more quite let go of this image of her life. She followed to Hollywood, where she made seven more films with him and eventually became the icon of the movie directed by von Sternberg.

Marlene Dietrich fashion Lola

Marlene Dietrich as Lola in “The Blue Angel”, 1930 via Wikimedia Commons.

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