The 5 Most Extreme Diving Watches in the World

The 5 Most Extreme Diving Watches in the World
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Mechanical divers watches that are waterproof up to 12,000 meters

The deep sea starts at about 800 meters–a depth in which no daylight penetrates. The creatures that romp around here amaze us at least as much as the following extreme diver watches. Sink to the bottom of the ocean with the 5 most extreme diving watches in the world. This overview shows only mechanical clocks.

#5 of the most extreme divers watches: the up to 4,000 meters waterproof Hublot King Power Oceanographic Exo4000

The 2014 featured special Model King Power Oceanographic Exo4000 from Hublot is waterproof to 4,000 meters. The dive watch was launched to commemorate an underwater expedition to a shipwreck in front of the Greek island of Antikythera, which supported Hublot. The automatic caliber ETA-Valjoux 7750 is ticking in the 48-millimeter carbon enclosure. When the model came on the market, it cost 21,200 euros. Meanwhile, the King Power Oceanographic Exo4000 is no longer available in the current Hublot collection. Nevertheless, it is still one of the most extreme mechanical diver watches.

#4 of the most extreme divers watches: the up to 5,000 meters waterproof pita Oceana 5000

Pita from Barcelona makes its diver watches with two patented solutions especially waterproof: first, there is no crown–and therefore no housing bore – because the ETA automatic caliber 2678 is placed and reared by a rotatable housing base. Secondly, the work is isolated from the elevator mechanism and is therefore completely waterproof. How does this work? In the housing floor there are magnets that set magnetic parts in motion when turning. The latter are so arranged and disguised that they do not affect the inhibition.

#3 of the most extreme divers watches: according to, the up to 6,000 meters waterproof CX Swiss military watch 20 ‘ 000 feet

20,000 feet or 6,000 meters–this is the world record for a freely commercially available wristwatch! This makes it possible to use a 28.5 mm thick titanium case with ten millimeters strong sapphire crystal. Inside, a chronometerzertifiziertes Valjoux 7750 is ticking from ETA. 1,000 specimens are being built. If you want to see how the CX Swiss military watch’s watch is sprinkled with a water thrower, thrown out of an airplane or shot with a shotgun without standing still, you can find videos at our site.

#2 of the most extreme divers watches: the up to 12,000 meters waterproof vintage VDB P1070

In the year 2015, the Erfurt watch manufacturer Vintage VDB with Rolex and his Deepsea challenge has drawn the same: his model P1070 held a pressure gauge that corresponds to a depth of 12,000 meters. Behind the 17 millimeter thick plexiglas and the sandwich dial, a Longines automatic caliber from the Sixties is ticking in a soft iron cage. The five copies for the trade are already sold out. But 2016 the erfurters want to send the P1070 in the trench and then launch a second, modified special edition.

#1 of the most extreme divers watches: the up to 12,000 meters waterproof Rolex Deepsea Challenge

28.5 millimeters High is the Rolex watch, which appeared in March 2012 with film director James Cameron in the trench. Thanks to 14.3 millimeters thick sapphire crystal and reinforced titanium floor, the housing and the Rolex automatic caliber 3135 that are working in it survived the excursion in 10,898 meters depth at the arm of the special Tauchboots without prejudice. No wonder: The official water resistance is another 1,000 meters more. Ak

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Continuously updated article, originally posted online in May 2016.

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