• What are the major trends of the season Spring-Summer 2012?

Muriel Piaser: This season will be marked by an authentic heritage side with a return of grandmother fabrics revisited the gypsy mode, mainly for women’s fashion. It will also count on the vintage / retro style with the years 1930-1940, in addition, a return of the 1980s version of Miami Beach.

  •  Will there be other inspirations?

MP: The ready-to-wear also live a multicultural traveled inspired parts of Asia and Africa. Ethnic style will be very present but will be revisited with a modern edge, and associated with the retro look of the 1980s.

  • What are the colors in the spotlight next season?

MP: White will make his comeback. It will be essential during the Spring-Summer. There will be plenty of pastel colors. However, the return of 1980 also means a return to the flashy colors with fluorescent and bright colors like yellow, green and orange. It will be a joyful season with optimistic colors. Individuals must also contend with brown bases / yellow for the ethnic side.

  • And the side of the forms?

MP: The flared cuts will be very trends pants. You can count on a return of wide and long, and even pants “bellbottoms”. However, this will give a very chic looks as remain structured, offshore to the bottom with well-trimmed tops. There will also be long skirts, recalling the gypsy fashion, wraparound skirts version of Brigitte Bardot, or corollas skirts. The shorts will still be very present, but we will also see the most chic shorts for women. The trapeze dress and casual pleated pants to wear calf-length will be also present.

  • The jeans were very present on the Parisian catwalks during the last Fashion Week. Can we also talk about a comeback?

MP: Yes, absolutely. It will be declined in all forms. One will find denim jackets, denim skirts, or even denim jackets. There will also shorts but they will be very colorful with bright colors such as lemon yellow or pink. Consumers must also contend with jeans rather faded. The tendency will be to offset.

  • Finally, what are the key pieces of summer 2012?

MP: The 1980s were marked by numerous pieces forgotten. Overalls, trousers “bell bottoms” and Hawaiian shirts are back. This is exactly what individuals can find the next season. As such, the shirt will be one of the key pieces of the summer. We will discover it in all its forms, including sleeveless or lighter cotton. It could even dethrone the shirt.

  • And in terms of accessories?

MP: There will be many great basket with a theme on the marine access. This will give braided rope accessories. The bundle will also return. Like bananas, must-have accessory of the 1980s, to be associated with a small t-shirt in cotton. The small basket wicker very rigid, the cover and the plastic bag will also be trendy. It will nevertheless daring colors.
As for shoes, women will have to deal with compensated wood or very thin models. Braided sandals inspired by Asia and Africa should also be all the rage.

  • The caps were also present in the 1980 Should the fashionistas out the cabinets?

MP: This is actually part of the look of the 1980s and it will take over. With the caps, there will be a return of logos. They will be more discreet but present at the time. However, hats have always the coast, especially boaters. Once again, we must rely on color to stand out.

  • Will the jewelry marked by the return to the 1980s?

MP: The trend will instead travel with inspired parts of Asia, Africa and holidays. In general, the jewelry will be bigger, flashier. There will also form shells jewelry, especially necklaces. The season Spring-Summer 2012 will also see a return to the anklet.

  •  What forms will the swimsuits next season?

MP: It is important to know that the swimsuit is gradually becoming a part of ready-to-wear full.The one-piece suit and the shirts of the 1960s will be legions during the Spring-Summer. This means that women find sheathing and high panties and shelves. They can also opt for asymmetric jerseys, either in one or two rooms. The Brazilian shirt but will always be much less likely. Generally, this will be a cheerful and summer with clean lines, printed shock and bright colors.

  •  What are the parts to banish the dressing room?

MP: It will be essential to avoid the combination, in all its forms. Pants side, we are in larger cuts, more flared, slim will no longer trend. Otherwise, women will also forget the sweater dress and mesh.

  • The weather has not been very lenient this summer. Does it can push designers to include winter clothing in their next Spring-Summer collection?

MP: The creators integrates more and more pieces of winter in summer collections and vice versa. It is true that there is really more season but they were already doing before. We will especially find timeless pieces, including jackets or long sleeve shirt.