The Hat – the Master of Seduction

The Hat – the Master of Seduction
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In the past, the hat always had the most important accent in the overall look. He gives the tone to the styling and speaks volumes about the character and mood of his wearer. He was a perfect tool to achieve the goals set. These goals, as in all times, were always the same: to conquer the heart of men and to let the rivalry fade in the shade. Such a small detail in a women’s wardrobe and so a force! The hat was a dangerous instrument of manipulation, then an invincible weapon of seduction.

On the first date the young women wore a mysterious hat with voile to hide their face. Later, they opened their faces and gave their companion a smart rose on the front. During important conversations the lady was able to underline her serious intentions with a hat of a dynamic and simple design according to And on holidays or on horseback the woman had the opportunity to present her whole creativity, taste and style.

Feminists of that time suddenly cut their hair short and let the skirts become even shorter. Coco Chanel even wore   Trousers and men’s hats, making them popular among women. The bloody political events in Europe were women   women and women all over the world   Elegance.

Nowadays this wonderful accessory returns. In different shapes and models, colors and epochs it decorates the heads of the ladies of the world. The hats, which reflect the fashion of the nostalgic 30s and 50s of the twentieth century, are again popular and awaken the desire for beauty and femininity.