The Love Machine, or How Surprise (Of Truth) on Valentine’s Day

If you want to surprise your partners in Valentine, Today we bring you an original solution and very, very low cost. In addition, toca do a little bit of DIY It is always more fun. The Love machine, much that the name may suggest otherwise, is a small invention of the French blog Madame Citron, that allows you to give the best of you next Valentine’s day: your own words.

Following the instructions that appear on your blog, you can create this small gadget, with appearance of typewriter vintage and then customize it with that message that you want your couples receive. You will only need a small box of matches, scissors, glue, and the template that you can download by clicking here.

You you just need to think about what message you would like transmit and… cut! Sure that you will be the most original and you will have an unforgettable Valentine.

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