The New J brand F / S Collection 2013

The New J brand F / S Collection 2013
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It has finally come. The new J brand collection is here! The classically elegant collection “A Study in White” is the kick-off.
As the name suggests, convince the pieces with white paint and discreet applications. The predominantly-wide cuts adapt ideally to the female figure and appear nevertheless elegant and sexy. The Elizabeth-top falls into soft lines that harmonise perfectly with a white stretch jeans. Also the Fontaine pants is widely noticeable, available in many sizes and very sporty and yet classy.

Of course, “A study in white” line and several other jeans in fashionable styles and colors available are apart from the. For the ladies, narrow tube, 7/8 cut and designs with impact are provided. These vary the materials between cotton and real leather.

Also the latest trends and the most popular pattern in the collection are of course included. Flashy pink, Caribbean blue and gold and red tones delight the eye and provide eye-catcher. The fashionable models in different washes are also available. Models are suitable for women who want to try out something new, as the glacier J brand 801 mid-rise metallic, which sparkles in an imposing, metallic shiny color and the J brand mid-rise 801, which causes a stir with unusual prints.

The Lords of creation may not be missing too. The Kane weathered breeze makes the first slim-fit jeans, which gives every man a sportingly elegant note. The fellow Green lend color and the easy use look in addition to class and style. If however you prefer blue and grey tones, is satisfied with the skinny-series and other models in the slim-fit look. Also here convinced the brand with Off Beat washings. Men who wear like comfortable cotton pants, should take a look at the vintage models and the Kane aged variations. These creations are available in eye-catching colors such as red and beige. The current J brand collection is among every 24 to get. Overall, the new J brand convinced collection with innovative cuts and creative, fashionable colors and patterns.